Eco elegance: How eco-friendly designs can look simply stylish

26th June 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

Eco friendly interiors don’t have to just be functional; they can be stylish and cutting edge too. There are so many designers who now use reclaimed materials and intelligent design to create quirky products that not only look good but are good for the planet too. Let’s take a look at some planet-friendly designer furnishings that will make your home look simply stylish.


Werner Aissinger's Hemp Chair

These sleek, stackable chairs are made from one piece of hemp cloth and moulded at a high temperature. Perfect for unexpected gatherings and parties, these chairs are easy to store and surprisingly sturdy in design.

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The ecolamp uses a sustainable lighting system that converts sunlight into useable energy. With its fascinating leaf-like design, this lamp is a talking point and definitive design feature. It's focused beam makes it the ideal bedside lamp for night-time reading. This great-looking lamp will save you money as it doesn’t have to be plugged into any mains.

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The Cocoon Chair by Andre Joyau

The Cocoon Chair is part sculpture, part chair. Made out of reclaimed hardwood, it is perfect for an outdoor space like a gazebo or conservatory but wouldn’t look out of place in a warm living room or bedroom.

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The Wilcox Urban Eco Bed

With its modern design, you wouldn’t know that the Wilcox Urban Eco Bed is made almost entirely from reclaimed materials. This simple design boasts from serious eco credentials - most of the wood used was originally harvested 100-500 years ago. Now that’s sustainable.

Take a look at this eco bed here

Make your own up-cycled furniture

If your budget doesn’t stretch to designer eco-furnishings, here are a couple notable up-cycling projects that will contribute to a unique interior. Here are some fabulously inventive up-cycling projects that could mean a piece of eco-furniture that’s 100% unique to you.

  • Turn an old dresser into a stylish and functional kitchen island for an apartment
  • Turn a once-unattractive light fitting into a focal point in the hall way

Have fun creating an eco-elegant interior!

This article was written by Penny Tristram

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