Fantastic Forest Hill Food Options From An Unlikely Source

10th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

There are many reasons you don’t want to be featured on the Vice website or their media platforms. Quite often, they shine a light on the unexplored areas of life. However, while some of the topics shown on their platforms have raised eyebrows, there is a tremendous array of localised content that shines a light on great issues, people and services across the United Kingdom.

Many people have found themselves drawn to the website by clicking on a link to restaurant reviews or an overview of London culture. There is a lot to celebrate about life in London, and platforms like Vice often allow the unseen or overlooked people and companies to reach out to a wider audience.

If you’ve been looking for a fantastic takeaway restaurant in recent times, you are not alone. With it no longer being possible to sit in our favourite restaurants and socialise, many people have taken to ordering food from local restaurants. Not every restaurant is providing this service, which has led people to try new options.

Are you looking for a new dining option in and around Forest Hill?

Vice has looked at some of the leading options available in London right now, and they’ve even spoken to the people behind the leading restaurants, takeaways and eateries in the capital. If you want a seal of approval, ask people from the industry, because you can trust what they say.

You won’t be surprised to learn that some fantastic restaurants in and around Forest Hill have been nominated by their peers. If you are looking for tips on the best places to order from in your area, there may be a couple of new places to consider.

Shuko Oda is the chef and co-founder of Japanese restaurant Koya which is found in various locations around the capital. Shuko lives in Forest Hill, and two local takeaways have been listed in the article.

Who doesn’t love an award-winning Indian restaurant?

Babur is a name that is well known to the Forest Hill community. This is an award-winning Indian restaurant, and people used to come from far and wide to dine here. Now, deliveries are limited, but there is still significant demand.

The other option listed by Shuko Oda is Bona. This is a pizza place, and once you find a good pizza place, you are unlikely to go anywhere else. No matter your favourite topping or type of crust, having a great pizza parlour on your doorstep is invaluable, even if you cannot physically go there right now!

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