Fashion and Beauty In Forest Hill

24th January 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

When you buy a home, you also buy a place in a community. Not everyone wants to be as involved with their community as others, but knowing that some shops and groups match your lifestyle is a great comfort for many people.

For a lot of individuals, fashion and beauty are essential. When you look good, you often feel at your best, and this helps people to achieve more with their life. The right outfit, a great pair of shoes or even a new hairstyle or nails can provide people with a lift that makes them feel more confident about what the day has to offer.

We love the fact there is so much going on in Forest Hill that perks up your spirits and ensures you feel at your best.

Elysium Beauty will make you smile

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Elysium Beauty is a classy beauty salon on London Road in Forest Hill. If you are looking for hair and beauty services, not to mention leading products that help you style your look at home, there is a lot to like about what is on offer here.

One of the best things about Elysium Beauty is their professional stylists who are highly skilled and experienced. If you are looking for an expert in European, Afro-Caribbean or Asian hair, turn to a stylist who offers you dependable and reliable support for your type of hair.

This is an award-winning salon, and we are sure you will love the personal service on offer.

The table below looks at the average price paid in the past 12 months, five years, ten years and 20 years for terraced properties in Forest Hill.

Boost your nails from top to toe

Sometimes a good treatment not only makes you look better; you feel a lot better. There is a psychological boost to be gained from a salon treatment, but many people find having their hands and feet tended to is a very relaxing situation.

The Hideaway Nail & Beauty Lounge on Dartmouth Road is an excellent example of a local nail salon that will set you up for the day or night. Whether you have a special event you want to turn heads at, or you are merely looking for a way to feel good about yourself, this is an excellent option at your disposal.

You will also find you receive a very warm welcome here, and the team are well known for being friendly. If you are in the mood to catch up with the latest gossip and local news, you’ll find the beauty salon is more effective than newspapers or regional radio!

Raise your eyebrows!

MnM Beauty Clinique, at 19 Perry Vale, is developing an excellent reputation for a wide range of beauty treatments, including eyebrows. A lot of people feel as though they aren’t fully dressed without their eyebrows having been set, so make sure you are ready for the world by popping in here.

Whether it is a flying visit or you are keen to spend as much time as you can, this is a beauty Clinique which makes you feel at home.

Feel more confident

One of the most essential things is feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes. A vital step that many people overlook is taking the time to be measured, ensuring your clothes fit you well. The Fitting Studio provides an invaluable service ensuring local ladies know their bra size, helping them to find their ideal match.

Knowing you are well supported is a comfort, but it can also alleviate health problems. There have been many studies over the year, which suggest many women are unsure of their actual bra size. A quick visit to The Fitting Studio will remove that problem, making sure you look and feel your very best every day of the year.

Be sporty with finches

If you are looking for help with something out of the ordinary, there is a lot on offer in and around Forest Hill. Finches is just behind Forest Hill Station, and while it isn’t going to be a shop you use daily or a shop that some people will ever use, in the right occasion, it is invaluable for many people.

This is because Finches is a specialist store, offering a wide selection of skiing, snowboarding and cycling equipment. If you are on the piste, make sure you look and feel the part. You may find cycling is the more common factor people enquire about, and of course, cycling regularly can help you stay fit and active.

If you have any questions about which equipment is best for you, or how you can make more of your interest in this activity, we are sure this is the place to ask in Forest Hill.


Fashion and beauty are often individual matters. What works for you may not work for someone else, so it is great to know there is such a diverse range of options and offerings in Forest Hill. When you don’t have time to travel further afield, or you want the convenience of a fashion boost on your doorstep, we are sure you will love what is available close to home.

Online shopping is on the rise, but there is a lot to be said for turning to local experts. The guidance on offer in the specialist stores in Forest Hill is invaluable, and it is a standard of service you cannot find online.

The table below looks at the average price paid in the past 12 months, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years for semi-detached properties in Forest Hill.


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