Film Rental In Forest Hill

26th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

With so many people spending a lot more time at home, it is likely many households have spent a lot more time watching TV. Whether you have a full selection of channels to choose from or you have been focusing on streaming options such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, there is a lot to choose from. No matter what sort of shows or films you like, you should be able to find plenty to enjoy.

However, with lockdown lasting for so long, many people are struggling to find something interesting that they haven’t seen. Whether you are looking for something that the whole family can watch or something which is a bit more challenging, it is good to have options.

Video rental stores were hugely popular

It is fair to say that movie rental shops are not at the forefront of a local community anymore. In the 1980s and 90s, video rental stores were significant businesses on the local High Street. These stores allowed people the chance to see some of the biggest films of the time, not long after their cinema release, but well before they would appear on TV.

As we moved into the new millennium, DVD rental stores were immensely popular, following on from the videotape option. However, in more recent years, these stores have fallen by the wayside. Online DVD rental was the first big challenger, and then streaming options significantly reduced demand for film rental stores.

Film night in Forest Hill can be exciting

There are still some film rental options though, offering people a choice of movies they haven’t seen before. Thankfully, there is a movie rental option in Forest Hill, and they are back in business serving the public again.

The For Your Eyes Only rental store is located at 53 Dartmouth Road. They have been running for more than 20 years, withstanding changing demand and new platforms. In addition to movies, the store also rents games, making them a popular choice with many youngsters (and adults) in the local area.

The following rental options were scheduled to be released on June 15th, and should be available from For Your Eyes Only:

1-Blue Story

2-Motherless Brooklyn

3-Ip Man 4 The Finale



6-Rhythm Section

7-Richard Jewell

8-Shaft 2020

9-Birds Of Prey

10-Grudge 2020



Whether this list catches your eye or you are looking for something different, you’ll find plenty of DVD, Blu-Ray and gaming rental options on your doorstep in Forest Hill. With the company having a long-standing tradition in the local area, it is great to see it continues to support residents, even during a trying time.

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