Finding Eden - the Perfect Properties in Southampton

26th January 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

No one is just one thing anymore. Working mums are scattered throughout every industry, and stay at home mums might be running businesses whilst the little one is having a nap. Working dads are heavily involved at home, acting as builders, hairdressers and makeup artists. Full time students are part time entrepreneurs, or the other way around. You get the point. So having a home which helps you be all of your adjectives and helps you relax is more important than ever. However, a beautiful home on its own isn’t enough. If your paradise is located in the area from hell, it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

What is a paradisiacal location anyway? Is it somewhere busy? Or is it quiet? Are the properties built in the last 15 years and filled with modern comforts? Or are they period buildings which celebrate the heritage of the area? Just like we’re not one objective thing anymore, neither is paradise, and everyone’s paradise is equally valid. And, whilst many of us move around the UK in different stages of our lives, or move in, or out of it, in order to qualify as ‘paradise’ we wanted to find an area which you can live in during every stage of your life.

Just one more paragraph to start with a question. Where can you find all of the above? Well, having taken a look at our extensive property catalogue, we think there’s an answer. Southampton. Recognised as one of the happiest and most vibrant places to live, Southampton is nestled on the south coast of England. More than being objectively happier than the rest of the UK, Southampton also ranks exceptionally well in economic and quality of life studies based on jobs, health and skills. You’re starting to see why this is such a great place to live, right?

To take it one step further, we’ve taken the 4 main considerations of buyers and matched them up against the 4 answers that we get again and again. So, let’s see how Southampton does with balancing: properties, location and transport, amenities, community and education.


I want history

If you’re craving classical architecture then you’re going to love Southampton’s suburbs. There are beautiful period homes scattered across the city. Chilworth has Grade 2 listed buildings which are ready to be moved into with no renovations. These homes offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the history of the area without giving up such modern comforts as central heating or fitted kitchens. With original wood work and features throughout these incredible properties, you can wrap up in a country idyll without leaving the convenience of a larger city behind.

I want modernity

Maybe historical gems aren’t your thing. Do you love floor to ceiling windows, minimalistic designs and stunning views? Every year we’re seeing more new developments pop up throughout Southampton offering the very height of modern luxury to buyers and renters. With lashings of natural light and open plan living spaces, Ocean Village is one such development which is enticing interest across Southampton. Boasting immaculate communal gardens and stunning views across one of Southampton’s docks, this is an incredible site in the city which combines modern design with classical Southampton views.

I want quiet

When you’re raising your family, it’s hard to balance having a thriving city filled with fun, with also having a peaceful haven which allows you and them to relax and spread out. Or is it? The mix of small village-like settings and thriving urban hubs means that you can get the best of both worlds for yourself and your loved ones. The smaller regions on the edge of the city (such as Coxford, Bitterne or Bassett) are great options for those seeking a quieter and more tranquil feeling for their home. No matter where you choose to be, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by fantastic state and private schools which keep your children’s best interests in mind.

I want busy

As the largest city in Hampshire, anyone who has lived in or visited Southampton can tell you that this is a bustling city with endless options. Bargate is filled with modern developments and local businesses, walking down any high street will introduce you to hundreds of new people. Wherever you turn there are neighbours and a strong sense of community, so support is always around you. It has been mentioned before, but Southampton is happier than almost anywhere else in the UK, and we’re keen to help new residents be just as happy as the rest of us!


Location, Amenities and Transport

I want history

More than just a film, the Titanic is a crucial part of British maritime history. Southampton was the launch site for the Titanic, and if you want to find out more about its incredible and eventually tragic voyage this is the place to be.

Whether you’re a visitor or a local to the city, you’ll appreciate the rich maritime history of Southampton. By just walking around the city you come into contact with beautiful historical sites, such as the famous city walls of 1417. This was the first purpose-built artillery fortification in England known as “God’s House Tower”. Meanwhile, the SeaCity museum is the place to go to see relics and artefacts spanning the last century. Here you can learn by being delighted with gripping stories from World War II, and then find out more about the Titanic. They not only talk about the facts and figures, but also go into the history of the people involved, so you can imagine their lives and their stories.

You’ll never be bored here, the city has plenty of things to do and see! With its historic connections to the sea and the “Titanic Trail” you have chance to explore the past and present of Southampton. Starting at live music venue Southampton Guildhall, the trail passes through The Platform Tavern and The Titanic Postal Workers’ Memorial. Then you move on to Ocean Village, where you’ll find cinemas, pubs and bars alongside the water to relax at.

I want modernity

Southampton also has its fair share of shops and businesses including the bustling WestQuay retail park, which balances boutiques with brand favourites. Then, there is the recently completed WestQuay Watermark development which was built with the impressive investment of eighty-five million pounds! WestQuay Watermark brings a large array of food, drink and entertainment to Southampton. With everything from Hollywood Bowl’s ten-pin bowling, Cinema De Lux and Casa Brasil, to the Real Greek and Project Pie. Other fantastic venues include: Franco Manca, Thaikhun, All Bar One, Red Dog Saloon, Cau, Bill's, Jamie's Italian, Nando's, Five Guys and many more! You won’t manage to try everywhere in one visit, but you won’t want to wait until a second…

Transport has to fall into this ‘modern’ category, and that’s wonderful news for anyone living in and around Southampton. For those opting for public transport, you can plan your entire day through My Journey. If you’re going further afield, then you can expect to reach London in less than 90 minutes by train, an hour less than the same journey will take you in a car.


I want history, I want modernity

We’re bringing these two together now, because the University of Southampton unites them perfectly. The university has a global reputation for education, research and innovation, and is proud to be in the top 1% of universities in the UK. With a recent £300 million cash injection for the University of Southampton, this represents the largest capital investment in the university’s 155 year history. And, it’s only half of the £600m total investment that the university is aiming for over the next 10 years. The rest will come from internally generated funds and we wish them the best of luck with the development. The investment is to be used to ensure it continues providing a world-class teaching and research environment for students and staff.

As well as the enormous investment into the University of Southampton, University Hospital Southampton (UHS) is proud to have been the first site to offer its patients a revolutionary procedure to remove kidney stones. Nationally, the approach could save up to 10,000 NHS bed days per year! It is fantastic that we already have it here in Southampton, benefiting our citizens and moving our vibrant city forward.

For our second two education headers we’re going to look at primary and secondary schools, because with such varied options, quiet and busy become more prominent qualities to examine.

I want quiet (small)

Primary schools in Southampton offer parents with every possible option of educational location. With a mix of fantastic community, private and faith supported schools, parents can opt for smaller class sizes or for larger campuses, both of which will support learning in different ways. A full list of the primary schools in Southampton can be found, here.

I want busy (larger)

When encountering secondary schools in Southampton the number of options decreases, but there is still the same variety of choice about what kind of school you want. Even within faith supported schools you can choose between academic specialisms which best support your child’s development and dreams. There are also some fantastic private schools, should you so wish, but be reassured that wherever your son or daughter is educated, they will be surrounded by incredible support. Southampton prizes not only the academic development of pupils, but also enhancing their personal development, helping them get ready to enter the wider world.

Hopefully, you’re now starting to see why Southampton is such a great place to live and work, however, if you have more questions Hunters are here to help. Get in touch with Hunters Southampton today and find out how we’re here to get you there.