Forest Hill Farmer Market – Great Local Option

29th August 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

If you are looking for a fantastic place to stay, or you need community factors that help sell your home, farmers markets are ideal. In the present day, people want to buy locally, they want to support local professionals, and ideally, they want to buy organically.

Buyers place more time and thought into their buying decisions, and this makes the presence of a farmers market an vital feature for a local community. In Forest Hill, there is a well-regarded market operating every week, so there is always a chance to shop in style.

The Horniman Farmers’ Market runs every Saturday, allowing residents to buy their weekly essentials from local producers and independent professionals. The setting for the market will be familiar to all residents. You may even be in the vicinity for another event, allowing you to add convenience to the list of reasons to shop here.

Enjoy organic and artisan products

As you’d expect, items like seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic meat and artisan bread are on offer. If you can't wait until you get home, and you are looking for a hot snack, you can eat there and then, you’ll find plenty of stallholders willing to help you out.

While there are traders who are present every week, there are also some traders who appear less regularly. Some of these traders have a schedule, allowing you to plan your next shopping trip with confidence; others may attend based on production or other factors.

Some of the regular names that have made the Horniman Farmers’ Market a popular choice includes Wild Country Organics, Aston Bakery and Route 66 Street Food. Here you will find, respectively, seasonal organic veg, artisan bread and even street food options like tacos, quesadillas and burritos.

One stall that may be of interest to many is the Horniman Beer Stall. Craft beer and locally independently brewed beers are trendy these days, and this stall has developed a following amongst the local community.

Speak to producers about what they make

Not only can you buy products you may not find elsewhere, but you also have the chance to speak with producers. You can learn a lot about what goes into the products you buy, and in this case, the brewing process.

Some of the stalls that appear on occasions include cake and biscuit sellers, flan producers, a stall selling preserves, handmade sauces and fruit liqueurs, pies, compotes and eco-friendly clothes for kids. If you are looking to purchase items that are hard to obtain, or you want to know what you are spending your money on, a farmers’ market provides you with an ideal opportunity to shop with confidence.

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