Forest Hill Household Profile

24th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

If you are looking for a new place to stay, it is helpful to know what people are already living in an area. If there are people similar to you, perhaps by age or family size, you will feel more confident that there will be facilities and amenities on offer which are helpful for you.

A young professional isn’t only looking for a different size or style of property to a family, and they are also looking for different surroundings. A young professional is likely to be happy with convenience store options and a wide range of social venues, such as bars and restaurants.

Of course, the nature of bars and who they cater for impact demand for it, and you tend to find the best bars and venues are the ones that provide what their local audience is looking for. Therefore, the household profile of an area is significant, and if you are looking for information regarding the household profile of Forest Hill, we are here to assist you.

Do you think you can settle in Forest Hill?

Even if you don’t feel as though you need too many amenities around you, knowing that you have options and that people like you feel at ease in your area, is a high starting point.

In Forest Hill, the proportion of one-person households is slightly above the Greater London average. There isn’t a lot in it, but if you plan on living by yourself, you can take comfort in knowing this is commonplace in Forest Hill! Whether you take this as a positive sign for the local dating scene or it indicates there is an excellent range of properties suited to your needs and budget, you can be confident that Forest Hill has you covered.

The same goes for couples. The proportion of household profiles containing couples is higher in Forest Hill than it is in Greater London. We’ve long believed Forest Hill is the ideal place for couples to set up home.

This might be your first property together, or it could be the property where you start taking the housing market seriously. We believe Forest Hill is ideal for couples, offering a great deal of flexibility and variety in what life has to offer.

Forest Hill has a lot to offer families

You’ll find that when it comes to families, Forest Hill is on a par with the Greater London household profile return. The standard of schools available in Forest Hill and surrounding areas ensures families can feel confident about setting up home here.

Also, the vast array of greenery in the local area ensures you have plenty of opportunities to exercise and socialise. When you consider the thriving community spirit, alongside plenty of family-friendly restaurants and cafes, you have an area where families feel comfortable.

The only area Forest Hill lags behind the Greater London return is in the other category. This isn’t to say Forest Hill isn’t welcoming to different household demographics, it is a place for everyone, but there is a lot to suggest that one-person households, couples and families will love local life.

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