Forest Hill Landlords: Insulate Your Property For Winter

6th December 2019 posted in Landlords

While Forest Hill looks fantastic in winter, and there is a lot of great activities to enjoy in the local area, it isn’t always an easy time of year for Forest Hill landlords. No matter the time of year, landlords are busy, but in winter, there is a lot more to do in caring for a rental property and keeping tenants happy.

If at all possible, you should be proactive in caring for your Forest Hill rental property. When you know there is going to be a drop in temperatures; there is a lot to be said for making improvements that will please tenants, and prevent more significant problems from occurring.

As all landlords must have an Energy Performance Certificate for their rental property, you have a good starting point for making energy-efficient improvements. All EPCs detail ways to improve the energy-efficiency of the property, and there will likely be ways you can adjust the standard of insulation.

When you improve insulation in a rental property, the house is warmer, the likelihood of weather-related problems arising falls, and tenants are happier. A well-insulated home should have lower energy bills, which is always an outcome which tenants approve of.

If you have time and money, there are significant changes which can be made to a rental property to improve the standard of insulation. By installing double or triple glazing windows, or upgrading your boiler, you will see a significant increase in the energy-efficiency of the property. However, these improvements are not cheap, and maybe beyond the budget of many landlords in Forest Hill.

Thankfully, there are affordable ways to improve the insulation in your rental property.

Lag your pipes

The threat of burst or frozen pipes is a big concern for many landlords, and you should be proactive in minimising this risk. Ensure your pipes are insulated with a cover, either a commercially available insulated cover or materials you have at hand, and this maintains the temperature in and around the pipes. This will hopefully create a more consistent temperature around the home and minimises the likelihood of your pipes bursting.

Insulate your loft

If you have a loft or attic area in the rental property, lay insulation here. Warm air rises, so you will lose a lot of energy through this part of your home. You can buy insulating rolls, you can install insulating boards, or you can place materials on the floor level to create a cheaper yet effective form of insulation.

Fill cracks or gaps in doors and window frames

If you have cracks or holes in doors or window frames, it is easy for warm air to escape and cooler air to enter. Thankfully, you can cover or fill these gaps with caulking and waterproofing strips. This is a simple task that won’t take long, but it will improve the insulation of your rental property.

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