Forest Hill Residents Can Enjoy Local Discount Card

11th December 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

With everything that has gone on this year, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn many people are looking to shop local. Knowing you can support your local community while buying necessary items is a great feeling.

This is why many people will take an interest in the Lewisham Local card. The card is set to give up to 50% off in local independent stores and businesses, and it is said users can save more than £500 a year.

The discount is on offer in stores across Bellingham and Downham, Blackheath, Brockley, Crofton Park, Catford, Deptford, New Cross, Forest Hill, Honor Oak, Grove Park, Ladywell and Hither Green.

Paula Segre, Lewisham Local Card lead, said to East London Lines: “At the moment, we have over 800 independent businesses, over 1000 individuals, and over 300 community groups signed up.” Paula said she has used the card in a range of stores in New Cross, saying; “I was based in New Cross, that’s where I did most of my shopping, and I really enjoyed New Cross House, Deli X and the Greenhouse [in Deptford]”.

ORDRS is a delivery service who collect groceries from local stores and drop them at the doorstep of customers released a statement about the card, saying; “As well as boost the awareness of our business and getting me customers who are passionate about supporting local business, Lewisham Local has allowed us to be a part of a BIG vision that empowers the local community”.

Offering discounts to people is a fantastic way to encourage the use of the card, but many people will be pleased to hear it also benefits local businesses and community groups too. This has been a troubling year, and anything which provides support for people that need it most is likely to be welcomed.

A percentage of the money paid for the card will be distributed amongst community projects in the local area. This is the sort of thing which will encourage people to act. If shoppers know they can help themselves, stores and the local community with one act, it is likely they will be keen to do so.

People who are already having a positive impact in Lewisham, by volunteering, can receive the card for free. However, people who don’t volunteer can pay £20 to receive the card.

50% of the proceeds are being placed into a new community fund, and donors will be presented with the chance to select which projects receive the money. The project which receives the most public backing will receive funding.

Paula Serge also said; “There will be a meter on the website where card holders can regularly check how much has been raise. Once we reach £5000, we will be able to start, [giving] it out to the community projects. So, in that way we ensure that we can run the project regularly every three months.”

The card is valid for one year.

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