Girls United Offering Zoom Football Lessons For Budding Players

22nd May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While there is a lot of focus on how adults are dealing with the pressure of lockdown and how businesses are faring, we must consider the impact on children. This is a challenging time for youngsters, and many people will miss so much of their everyday life.

Kids that love school, extra-curricular activities and being around their friends will likely be struggling at this time. Until we are safe to meet together, there is a need for youngsters to have a platform to engage and do the things they love. This is why online training groups that help kids have fun and learn new skills is of benefit, and when it comes to football, there is always something new to learn.

Football is coming home

Most of the focus right now is on significant teams in England returning to training, and what will likely be the resumption of English Premier League and Championship football. A lot of people will enjoy watching their favourite teams and players from the comfort of their own home, but for many, the most joy on offer from football comes with playing.

This is what Girls United FA delivers. The organisation is run by volunteers that help girls to engage in sport. Women’s football is increasingly popular right now, and it is a sport which people love to watch and play.

The weekly courses provide girls with the chance to engage with others, to develop new skills, and to stay in touch with the football community. Developing skills and playing well is exciting, but the camaraderie and interaction with team-mates is a crucial factor in why football is such a brilliant sport.

Weekend sessions for kids to enhance their football skills

There are weekend sessions with a Saturday class at 10 am for children aged 11, and over while on Sunday at 10 am, there is a session for children aged between 5 and 11. The sessions are house-friendly so even if your youngster is playing football at home, they will be able to join in with the fun.

The Club England team is based in South London and is convenient for families in and around Forest Hill. When football returns, the team is always on the lookout for players and coaches, so there might be an opportunity to get involved in person.

There is no denying the lockdown has hit many of us hard, and this includes youngsters. We might evaluate what we do and look for new options when we move forward. Any girls in and around Forest Hill who love playing football should check out Girls United FA and see if this is the ideal match for them.

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