Growing Trend for Inverted Homes is on the Rise

15th October 2015 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

Many homes get their best views from the rooms upstairs, including the bedrooms and bathroom, but is that where you really want to be able to take in the scenery around you?

Although we spend a good amount of time in our bedrooms, it is usually lying down with our eyes closed as we sleep, meaning we spend hardly any time taking in the views from the windows.

Inverted living is a new trend that started in Australia, where the bedrooms are downstairs in a home, and the kitchen and living room can be found on the first or second floor of a property.

The properties in Australia that began this trend tend to be on the beachfront and were designed to take in the beautiful sunsets over the water. Inverted homes are also popular in Sweden, and much of Scandinavia too, where many homes have terrific views.

As this trend grows it has made its way to the UK, in particular the South-West coast, where homes are being built and redesigned to take in the stunning views of the Cornish land around them. Simon Pengelly, from Pengelly Design, has recently created a four bedroom detached house on the south side of a hill in Talland Bay. The house has partial sea views from the southwest facing terrace built on the top floor.

Pengelly said:

“The first challenge was to find out how the owners wanted to use the house and to make the most effective layout. For example, there’s not much point in having a wonderful view, if the only way of seeing it is from a bedroom which is most often used when it is dark outside.”

Inverted living has other benefits too, other than just getting a better view. By putting your bedrooms on the ground floor you ensure they are darker and cooler, and therefore have more suitable sleeping conditions. At the same time, by having the living room on a higher level it benefits from more sunlight during the day and requires less heating.

Marine South in Torquay was recently on the market for £1,395,000 and was a fantastic example of inverted living. You enter the house straight onto the first floor, where you will find the main sitting room and two balconies that wrap around the back of the property, providing you with stunning views of the garden and sea. The dining room and kitchen can also be found on this level, but down a level you will find three bedrooms and access to the garden.

Homes with views of the sea are not the only properties to be inverted though, houses that look out onto a golf course or woodland area are also good candidates for inversion, as they will still provide their residents with lovely views to enjoy during the day.

The trend for inverted living is really on the rise, and those who want a room with a view can literally just turn their house upside down. This way of living certainly seems to be turning the convectional property layout on its head. Would you live in an upside down house?