Hornchurch Catering Company Expanding

21st July 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Given there is so much concerning news surrounding the economy and the jobs market right now, it is pleasing to hear about local success stories. Knowing that some firms in the local area have managed to find a way to grow during the lockdown is comforting, and hopefully suggests there will be some business success stories as we move forward.

At Hunters Hornchurch, we understand the importance of local businesses for the community and the local housing market. Hopefully, there is more support on offer for local firms, but it is great to see some companies doing well during these tough times.

Andrew’s Catering, came up with a way to ensure they kept during the lockdown process, and the firm aims to maintain this new service alongside their more traditional activities.

Before the lockdown process started, the catering company was known for serving buffets for corporate events. The company had several high-profile clients in the city and supplied Newham Council and Havering Council.

Some companies have to change tact to survive

This line of work dried up when the lockdown process began, but it provided the owners of the company to follow through on a passion project. The company decided to reinvent themselves as a Caribbean cuisine takeaway.

This seems like quite a jump, and even though Gary has more than 35 years of experience as a chef, he has never served this food commercially before. Gary has family who hail from St Vincent, and he felt this was the perfect opportunity to work in a manner that always appealed to him, although he had never gotten around to trying it just yet.

Thankfully for Gary and his partner, the business venture has been a success. There has been a significant demand for takeaway food, which might subside in the next few months, but there will still be many people who decide against eating out in a restaurant. This will hopefully see demand for takeaway food remains high, which will give this company a boost.

Takeaway services have changed the game for some firms

They aren’t the only company in the wider area who have adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Upminster TapRoom in Havering has also achieved success with their takeaway and delivery service.

The bar was quite busy in the time before lockdown began, but with their new services, they are selling more ale than ever before. While the company has two employees who have been furloughed, they have been retained on full-pay.

Co-owner Caroline Sheldon said; “Our deliveries have grown massively to approximately 30 or more per day, they’re extremely popular.” While this may not be the ideal way for companies to make a living, it is a viable activity, and one which has assisted companies to keep operating during these challenging times.

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