How to get your home ‘sale ready’

23rd July 2019 posted in Sellers

Once you have decided to sell your home, one of the most critical things you will do is ensure your home is ‘sale ready’. There are many homes on the market, and you must ensure your house appeals to buyers, and provides people with reasons to take an interest in your house.

At Hunters, we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners prepare their home for a sale, and we look forward to assisting you.

Declutter and depersonalise your property

One of the most important steps you will take in getting your home ‘sale ready’ is to declutter it. When you declutter your home, you create more space, you make it easier to clean, and you remove many of your items and belongings.

Moving home is often emotional, and if you have created many happy memories in a house, leaving it can be a wrench. However, to sell your home, you need prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. It is difficult for other people to picture themselves living in a house if it is filled with images of other people and a family’s life.

Therefore, before you place your house on the market, allocate time to declutter your home to create as much space as possible, and provide buyers with a blank canvas. Also, it probably shouldn’t have to be said, but you want to clean your house to the highest possible standard.

A deep clean will present your home in the best condition. If you need to hire cleaning professionals to assist you, do so because the importance of a clean house cannot be overstated.

Freshen up the décor

While you shouldn’t undertake a significant redecoration project before selling your home, unless your house needs an overhaul, it makes sense to freshen up the style and décor at your home. Adding modern appliances to your kitchen rejuvenates the room while a fresh coat of neutral paint adds vibrancy and vitality to a room.

If parts of your house look tired and jaded, repair, replace or brighten up these features.

Kerb appeal matters

The first image prospective buyers usually see of your home is an external shot. When a viewer attends your property, they see the outside of your property before they see the inside. Therefore, when you want to create a positive first impression, it is imperative you improve the appearance of your garden.

Kerb appeal is a critical component in making sure buyers appreciate your home, so tidy your garden, add some plants and flowers, and focus on making sure it looks as good as possible.

Quick tips to remember include:

·        If you have parking space available at your property, leave this for the viewer

·        Ensure your paperwork is up to date and ready for the sale

·        Enlist the services of a skilled and experienced estate agent

When it comes to selling your home, we are happy to take you from start to end, ensuring your house is ready for sale. If you require a property valuation, please contact Hunters today, and we’ll arrange an appointment for you.