How Modern Technology Helps Your Home Reach More Buyers

9th May 2019 posted in Sellers

If you want to sell your homes, you need to consider what buyers want and how to engage them. With buyers happy to use modern methods and technology to improve their search for houses, vendors must reciprocate. There is a growing number of ways vendors can utilise advanced technology to present their home to reach more buyers, and the best estate agents understand this.

Consumer habits are evolving, with a lot of this change coming via new technology, aimed at making life more comfortable. Modern estate agency websites should have everything a client needs within easy reach, and video technology should offer greater insight into a home or local area than ever before.

Connect quickly with interested parties

Even traditional aspects like ‘for sale’ boards have a modern twist, now equipped with QR codes to allow passers-by to quickly and conveniently connect with an estate agent. While most modern property searches begin online, there is still scope for connecting with buyers who stumble upon a property.

It used to be that if the interested party didn’t have a pen and piece of paper to hand, they ran the risk of forgetting the contact details. Nowadays, with smartphones, this isn’t an issue, and with modern technology, an interested party can raise or cite an interest while looking at the sign or even a billboard or traditional advert.

There are many aspects of the property market that are traditional, and will likely remain this way for many years to come. However, by implementing modern communication tools or processes into these conventional features, it becomes much easier to create a connection with interested buyers.

Promoting properties is simpler

Similarly, the development of social media makes it easier to promote a property. Social media, like property listings, thrive on high-quality images and video content, enabling the sharing of this material. With hashtags and targeting, it is also possible to focus on specific people, which should lead to a higher return on time and effort when promoting a property.

Of course, technology has moved on beyond social media, with voice technology becoming an integral part of home life. Both Google and Amazon have a voice-activated presence in many homes, offering guidance and support to households. Hunters lead the way in modern technology with the addition of their Alexa Skill, which provides a property valuation tool on request.

Many companies and website developers are looking for ways to meet the rising demand for speech-recognition searches, and now homeowners can find out the value of their home by just asking an initial question and then answering a couple of quick questions. For convenience, you cannot find a better solution without leaving your chair, couch, bed or even the bath, depending on where you utilise this technology!

To connect with buyers, you need to communicate in a way that appeals to buyers, and which provides them with as much information as possible. Modern technology assists with these outcomes, which is why you need to call on an agent who is comfortable with using advanced technology. To ensure you promote your home effectively, contact Hunters, and we will be happy to help.