Importance of Property Values When Selling Your Greenwich Home

17th December 2019 posted in Sellers

Selling your home is a challenging and difficult process, even though it is often best viewed as many smaller tasks and components. A crucial part of the sales process is setting an accurate value on your property, but there are many factors involved with setting the cost of a home.

It is understandable that features like the size of the property, the condition and its location all matter in determining a value for the property. Market conditions also need to be considered when setting a price for property. However, many external factors influence what buyers are willing to pay, which means the local area has to be considered when establishing a property value.

Therefore, there is a lot to be said for calling on an agent with local knowledge and expertise. At Hunters Greenwich, we are pleased to announce we know the local area, and we are ideally placed to help you make an informed decision regarding the price your home should enter the market at.

Local knowledge means so much in the property market

It should go without saying, but local knowledge is essential in evaluating a home and determining the value of a property. Aspects such as local schools, transport options, crime rates, shops and community groups make people feel at home, and this often drives demand for property.

Also, the supply and demand for homes in the area matters, and this is why you need to call on an agent who has local expertise and experience when setting a value for a home.

You want an agent with experience in these matters

Experience counts in the rental market, and this is why it is best to turn to a qualified and experienced agent to run the rule over your property. It is one thing to know local market values and what prices are selling for, but by itself, this information means very little when it comes to determining what a house is worth.

A comparison needs to be made between the average houses, and the house being valued. This is why calling on an agent who knows what homes in the local area is of benefit, as it allows for a more accurate assessment to be made of the property.

An accurate assessment is vital to connect with buyers

Of course, these factors help you in finding the right agent to value your home, but why is it so essential to place an accurate value on your property? If you don’t, you may struggle to connect with buyers, or you may find it challenging to sell your home at a price which will help you make your next move.

If your property has too high a value placed on it, buyers will not consider your home in any great detail. If your property has too low a value placed on it, you will generate interest, but if you sell at this price, you may lose out on money.

Therefore, you need to have an accurate valuation placed on your home, and we can help. If you would like us to arrange a property valuation for you, please get in touch. At Hunters Greenwich, we are pleased to say we have assisted many local vendors in selling their home, and we look forward to helping you.