Lewisham Ward Boundaries Changing

10th July 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While there is more than enough to focus on right now, there are some changes likely to happen to local wards. This will change councillor representation for many people in the local area, which is expected to impact on some residents more than others.

If you stay in touch with local matters, you will likely know there are proposals in place to change the boundaries of wards in Lewisham. The Local Government Boundary Commission has reviewed this matter, and if approved, there will be changes to all but two of the wards in Lewisham.

There will be no change to the number of councillors representing the area; this will remain at 54 councillors. However, in the new set up, there will be 16 wards which have three councillors and three wards which have two councillors.

The two wards which are set to remain the same are Forest Hill and Telegraph Hill.

Local issues matter to residents

Commission chairman Professor Colin Mellors spoke to local media, saying; “We are very grateful to people in Lewisham. We looked at all the views they gave us. They helped us improve our earlier proposals. We believe the new arrangements will guarantee electoral fairness, while maintaining local ties.”

A total of 448 responses were provided by people and organisations, all with the aim of deciding the new wards.  There have been changes made to the proposals already, based on the response from the public. The proposed New Cross ward has had a change of name, and this ward will now be referred to as Deptford. Also, Tanners Hill Estate is now likely to be united as a single entity when the initial proposal saw it being separated into two sections.

If Parliament approves the proposals, the new wards will apply for the 2022 Council Elections.

People deserve a say in how the local area is run

A council spokesperson released the following statement, “The new Lewisham wards will have an equal number of voters per councillor, which will help make our local democracy even stronger. The Boundary Commission has clearly listened to the views of local people, and the council, and have produced a set of wards which, on the whole, captures the many communities we have in Lewisham.”

The statement also said, “In particular, we are pleased with the Commission changing the name of New Cross ward to Deptford ward, which avoids confusion with New Cross Gate ward, the new Hither Green ward, which accurately reflects the local community and geography as well as the unification of Tanners Hill Estate.”

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