Local Forest Hill Treats Make Life Slightly Easier To Manage

23rd March 2021 posted in Home Lifestyle

The past 12 months has been hard going, and while there is a pathway to getting out of lockdown, it is perfectly understandable if people need a helping hand to feel more optimistic about the circumstances of the present day.

Throughout the lockdown, there have been many fantastic gestures and efforts by community groups and positive people. While this has been a hard year, the warmth of the local community in Forest Hill, and surrounding areas, has made the year more manageable than it might have been.

There has also been a lot of great work from local firms, especially when it comes to home deliveries. Many people are still unable to leave their home with any degree of confidence. People who are shielding, or who don’t feel like facing the world, are reliant on others to deliver their food.

The work by some of the local shops and stores in this regard will never be forgotten.

We hope the community spirit remains in and around Forest Hill

Hopefully, as we move forward, we have the chance to return to normal, to shop and socialise in a way we all feel comfortable. However, it would be good if we tried to support some of the local firms who have supported people in Forest Hill.

Aga's Little Deli and Café at 49 Dartmouth Road is a fine example of a local outlet who have placed a smile on our face in recent times. Some of the cakes and sweet treats on offer at Aga’s have brightened up some grim days! The size of some of the doughnuts and cheesecakes will make your eyes pop out of your head!

Fresh produce often feels like the best produce

The deli is also well known for selling a fine selection of British and French cheese. Regardless of the political changes of the past year, for many, European food remains a delicacy that is integral to our daily lives. If you are worried about enjoying the best food from the continent, you’ll find some of the best options close to home.

The deli is also known for selling sourdough bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, olives and Monmouth coffee.

You will also be pleased to know they offer a home delivery service between Wednesday and Friday. This is the sort of thing that has helped many people to carry on with their life with as minimal disruption as possible.

Having great stores like these close to home is a small part of life, but it helps to make Forest Hill feel like home for so many people.

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