Maintaining your rental property

24th January 2018 posted in Landlords

If you choose our Fully Managed Service, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your rental property as we will handle all of this for you, but will alert you to the problem and agree any costs incurred beforehand.

If you choose our Tenant Find Service only, or prefer to go it alone, building up a contacts book of trusted experts is vital. A good working relationship with a reliable maintenance ‘crew’ will help you keep your tenant safe, help you to abide by all those rules and regulations, and pay dividends when you have to call on any of them in an emergency.

Make sure your suppliers know you are a landlord; if you have a portfolio of properties, you may even be able to negotiate a discount.

Choose your tradespeople carefully, as you need to know you can trust them. Here are some checks to make:

(Click here for an Excel Version)

Choosing tradespeople







For how long have they been operating?






Do they have relevant accreditations?






Are their accounts available for inspection? (You can check with Companies House)






Can they supply you with a contract which includes their full terms and conditions?






How quickly can they respond to your request for work






Ask for references and to see previous jobs.






Do they provide detailed estimates and costings for jobs?






Do they supply a contract?






What knowledge do they have of lettings legals? Eg contacting a tenant to request access within the correct timeframe?






Do they offer to work for cash? If so, beware, as you will have no comeback if anything goes wrong.






Do they offer any protection in case they go bust?







Essential maintenance

Be prepared to budget for the following maintenance jobs, but remember you can deduct the cost of many of these jobs from your profit when it comes to paying your tax bill, or from your capital gain when it’s time to sell.

Maintenance task


Gas and electric safety certificates

Once a year

Boiler service

Once a year

Guttering and drain clearance

Once or twice a year

Full cleaning

Between each let


Between each let or every five years

New/repairs to carpets and flooring

Between each let or every two-three years

New bathroom

Every five-10 years

New kitchen

Every five-10 years

New boiler

Every five-10 years

Upgrade electrics

Every five-10 years

Painting exterior of property

Every five-10 years

New guttering

Every 10-20 years

New windows

Every 10-20 years

New/upgraded roof

Every 10-20 years


“Landlords really value our Fully Managed Service because it means maintenance is under control. If a tenant needs an emergency plumber, they’ll call us, not you – and we’ll take care of everything for you.”