Minimalist Ice-Cream

15th September 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

Minimalist Ice-Cream


How to make ice-cream from JUST bananas, with no ice-cream maker.

OK, so I am going to show you how to make the most delicious, creamy, sweet ice cream ever. You don’t need an ice-cream maker. And it contains no dairy products, no added sugar, and nothing artificial at all. And it’s really, really cheap and easy to make. Too good to be true? Non! Read on…


1. Start with over-ripe bananas

If you are going eewww, or yuck, stop now. I also hate brownish bananas, but I promise that this recipe will make the blighters unrecognizable. Don’t be tempted to use under-ripe ones, as they won’t turn out sweet enough. 

2. Next, chop them up and freeze them.

The next day, you’ll be left with some lovely frosty banana chunks. Many shops discount their ripe bananas – by freezing them, you can keep them for weeks.

3. Pop them in a blender with some liquid.

Water is fine and will still give a lovely result, but I often use orange juice to spice things up a bit. Only use a tiny bit of water/juice to get your blender’s blades going. Add a few banana pieces at a time. I have to warn you that cheaper blenders might struggle with frozen fruit, so take it slow.

4. Add in anything else you fancy as you blend.

Just on it’s own, this is still going to be delicious. But I usually add tahini, friend of the banana, for extra creaminess factor.


5. Spatula into a bowl, and eat!


6. Bonus recipe – delicious smoothie!

Just do the recipe exactly the same, only using more water/juice, to make a cool, rich, delicious smoothie. Perfect for breakfast.


7. Super extra bonus recipe – frozen grapes.

Grapes are another fruit that freezes really well – just pop a bunch in the freezer. When they’re frozen you can then pop them into your mouth like sweeties. And you can add them to your banana smoothies and ice creams.


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