New Charges For Lewisham Borough Drivers

18th December 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Many people find the cost of driving to be prohibitive as it is, but it is vital for many people in their everyday life. However, for many people across London, driving a car is going to become more expensive, even if the only place you drive is to the local shops.

This is because the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding to take in more of the capital. Most vehicles, including cars, vans and motorcycles will be charged £12.50 to enter one of these zones. Heavier vehicles, such as coaches, buses and lorries could face a charge of £100.

The scheme aims to positively impact London life

The sums of money involved will cause some people to re-evaluate the merits of driving, but there is a positive aim for the scheme.

ULEZ aims to improve the air quality of London. The poor standard of air quality in the capital is a contributing factor to many serious conditions, and premature deaths.

Currently, the scheme is focused on Central London, but it will be extended from October 25th 2021. Most of the areas within the North and South Circular roads will find themselves covered by the new legislation.

Exemptions are in place

There is an exemption in place, but your vehicle must meet certain standards. If you own a car, van or minibus, you need to meet the Euro 4 emissions standard to be eligible for exemption. If you own a diesel vehicle, you must meet the Euro 6 emissions standards.

The oldest vehicle you can drive in London and be exempt from paying would be a four-year old diesel vehicle or a 13-year old petrol vehicle. The scheme will be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be operational at weekends.

Someone who drives every day and who needs to pay the charge will find themselves having to pay an additional £4,550 in total.

Lewisham is one of the boroughs that is partially covered by the new legislation.

The My London site details the impact on Lewisham, with some notable changes included below:

St Mildred's Road

Westhorne Avenue and St. Mildreds Road are outside of the ULEZ. All exits facing central London, including for Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church, Newstead Road Pre-School, and St. Winifred's Catholic Junior School are inside the zone.

Forest Hill

Stanstead Road is outside the ULEZ, as is Sunderland Road. All exits facing central London, including for Jenner Health Centre, Malham Business Area, Dalmain Primary School and Forest Hill Fire Station, are inside the zone.

Forest Hill Station

Sunderland Road, Waldram Park Road and London Road are outside of the ULEZ. Forest Hill Station, including the surrounding road, is outside of the zone. All exits facing Central London, including David's Road, Devonshire Road, and roads for Sainsbury's and its car park, are inside the zone.

Horniman Museum

London Road is outside of the ULEZ. Lordship Lane is outside of the ULEZ east of The Grove. All exits facing central London, including for the Horniman Museum and Gardens, are inside the zone.

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