No Sale No Fee Services Provide You With Confidence

18th February 2019 posted in Sellers

Given that there are many estate agents to choose from, it is understandable that some vendors are unsure of who to select. There are many factors to consider when looking for a suitable estate agent. Local knowledge is important, experience can make a big difference and there is also a benefit in choosing an agent that has a great reputation in the local area.

However, there is no denying that cost is a major factor for people to consider when selling their home. Selling a home can be expensive, and it is important to consider value for money. Therefore, a no sale no fee service may be of interest to many vendors, and at Hunters Castleford, we believe a no sale no fee service provides you with confidence.

You don’t pay if the property doesn’t sell

The most obvious benefit of a no sale no fee service is the fact that if the house doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay. If you are worried about the costs of selling your home and meeting all the bills when they are due, this style of service is an obvious choice.

It is easier to budget accordingly if you only have to pay after the property is sold

One of the biggest issues for people dealing with a property transaction is making sure they manage their money properly. A lot of bills have to be paid before the deal is concluded, and this can place vendors under pressure. If you don’t have much financial leeway before you sell your home, you may find that the sales process places you under considerable financial pressure.

Therefore, knowing that you don’t have to pay your estate agent until after your home has been sold is a great comfort for many people. Whether this helps you to plan your finances or ensures you can create a flow that suits your budget, there is no denying that having more time to pay is an outcome that most people are happy to benefit from.

A no sale no fee service incentivises the estate agent

There are many people who have concerns about the fact that many estate agents will receive payment regardless of the outcome of the sales process. When you choose some firms, you will pay the same amount whether your home sells or not. If you believe that people perform better when they have an incentive to do so, you aren’t going to be satisfied with the traditional form of paying for an estate agent.

However, when you hire an estate agent on a no sale no fee basis, there is an incentive for the estate agent to work harder and more effectively on your behalf.

If you like the sound of only paying for an estate agent service when your home is sold, get in touch with Hunters Castleford and we will be more than happy to talk you through the process. Contact us by calling on 01977 232 800 or come in and visit us to see how our no sale no fee service can provide you with comfort and confidence.