Online And Local Outdoor Training Sessions

2nd June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While it is vital people stay safe and follow guidance on social distancing, we are seeing an easing of lockdown measures. If you prefer to continue shielding, please do so, as it is vital you feel confident about how safe you are.

However, it is inevitable that some people are looking to get out and about. If you have spent a lot of time at home during the lockdown, you might have some short-term concerns over your fitness levels. Dealing with COVID-19 has been stressful for everyone, so if fitness wasn’t a priority, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. However, if you are looking to do something about it, you can.

For many people, the best solution for improving fitness right is combining online classes with some safe outdoor, and socially distanced, training sessions. This is why it is best to call on a local expert who can help you in all these aspects, and in South East London, there is a specialist who has been working hard throughout the lockdown.

Some people are adding new qualifications to their repertoire

There’s no shame if you haven’t added new qualifications and skills to your repertoire during lockdown. However, if you have, you should feel proud of your efforts. One person who has been working hard to improve her CV in this time is Abbie Dillion.

Abbie has picked up a brand-new qualification, and she is now a fully qualified weight loss specialist. Also, she is now back in business, offering a range of online and outdoor training classes.

Abbie’s services include:

·         Outdoor PT sessions (Gardens or parks) - £25 per hour (can share with one friend if you wanted)

·         Online PT sessions via Zoom - £20.00 per hour

·         *Online classes (Monday to Thursday @ 18:30) - £3 per class or £25 for the month

Abbie says she will bring her own PPE equipment for all outdoor classes, or sessions can be tailored so no equipment is needed. As you would expect, social distancing measures will be followed at all times, and this might be the ideal way for some people to get their fitness back on track.

Are you keen to make something of this summer?

The fantastic weather of late has left many people pining for the outside, and the great times we associate with summer. While the summer of 2020 is one like no other, there is still an opportunity to have fun, and to feel active. Anyone in South East London who is keen to be active, and committed to boosting their fitness will find plenty of support on offer close to home.

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