Our services don’t stop when we sell your home

12th June 2019 posted in Sellers

At Hunters, we put a lot of time, energy, effort and commitment into ensuring you sell your house. This time in life can be a challenging process. We work hard to ensure that we promote your property in the right manner and that buyers can see your home. We also ensure that buyers find reasons to fall in love with your house, and hopefully develop an interest and make an offer.

You may think that reaching the point of selling your house is when we stop, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We believe after-sales care is essential, and when you choose our services, you receive backing that helps you feel confident about the entire sales process.

Ensuring documents are handled correctly

Although you would think all estate agents focus on guaranteeing legal documents such as the deed of sale are drawn up and signed by all parties, sometimes this is overlooked. Perhaps there is a desire to finish the sale quickly, or the excitement of the transaction gets too much, but you may be surprised at how many property deals are delayed because of oversights with the management of documents.

At Hunters, we ensure that all documents are managed and signed off at the time, removing a possible delay from your sale.

Financial matters need to be attended to

Again, you would think that transferring funds and concluding payments is an integral part of the sales process, but some agents have been known to overlook payments. It may be that the number of payments that must be processed affects estate agents, but if conveyance fees, deposits or transfers are ignored, the property deal isn't concluded.

It has been known for deals to be blocked if rates and duties aren't paid in time, so this is a critical component of the sales process. If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to managing all payments, choose an estate agent who makes this a priority.

Manage certificates

As there are many legal elements to conclude in a property deal, certification is crucial. Vendors have to pass on documents and certificates to enable the agreement to be signed off, and if this doesn't happen, delays occur. At Hunters, our experience in concluding property deals ensures we know what needs to be done to keep everybody happy at the end of the sales process.

Is the property in good condition before the sale concludes?

It is vital vendors present their home in excellent condition when placing it on to the market, but at the time of exchange, the property needs to be in good condition too. It may be that in the moving out process, damage occurs, and if the buyer feels this compromises the home or agreement, they can delay the transaction.

We take the time to review property before the exchange happens and if any improvements need to be carried out, we can arrange this.

At Hunters, we are with you every step of the way in the sales process, even when some agents think the work is over. If you need assistance in selling your home, contact the agents that care.