Peckham Pie & Mash Supporting NHS

22nd April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

The way businesses adapt to the current situation is likely to affect their ability to operate in the longer-term. The companies who can adjust their practices and retain a strong local presence during these challenging times will be well thought of when things move forward at a later date.

It isn’t easy for restaurants to keep striving on right now. The majority of shut due to Government guidelines, but the outlets which have managed to pivot their services are providing a much-needed service right now.

Does pie and mash sound good to you right now?

One such option is the Manze's Pie and Mash. They have three stores offering takeaway and delivery services right now, including two branches in the South East of London:

·         87 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 4TW

·         105 Peckham High Street, SE15 5RS

The company has gone back to its roots, allowing customers to order, and take their meals away from the window. This method of working keeps staff members safe, and it also provides some people with an excuse to get some fresh air and exercise. Of course, people should follow social distancing guidelines when doing so.

Also, if people would prefer to stay at home, it is possible to order a hot delivery using Just Eat and Deliveroo, while the company is offering chilled overnight deliveries from their website.

NHS staff can enjoy 50% off takeaway orders

This is an excellent service which will be welcomed by many people, but in these challenging times, it is always good to see an organisation go further in supporting others. All NHS employees are entitled to a 50% discount on takeaway orders from all the three shops. With many significant hospitals located close to the branches in South East London, hopefully, many people will be able to grab food on their way home without venturing much further.

It is good to know traditional outlets, and even regular meals, are adapting to the current situation. Fast food outlets have remained active in recent weeks, but not everyone likes the standard food on offer from these sources. There is a great deal of variety to choose from, but with traditional pie and mash on the menu, it is natural a lot of people are licking their lips in anticipation of their next meal.

Whether you are regularly relying on takeaway meals at the moment, or you are looking for a change to the usual routine, it is pleasing to see local restaurants helping out. It is also great to see a touch of variety on the menu, so if traditional London pies appeal more than fried chicken or pizza, you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home.

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