Preparing Your Home For A Short Notice Viewing

26th June 2019 posted in Sellers

The viewing stage is vital in selling your home. It is excellent that prospective buyers like the look of your home in the property listings, but this doesn’t mean they are willing to make an offer. A buyer needs to see your home, perhaps even on a couple of occasions, to develop their interest, which means you need to ensure your home is in fantastic condition for their viewing.

If you have a lot of time to prepare for a viewing, you should be able to prepare your home. However, you don’t always get a lot of time to prepare for a viewing. There are times when you receive short notice, which means you need to act quickly.

Maintaining a good standard of cleanliness and tidiness in your home helps, but when you are living at home during the sales process, this can be difficult. Even if you take care of maintaining your home, you likely have to make improvements before a viewing takes place.

If you need some tips on how to prepare your home for a viewing at short notice, create your cleaning plan around these aspects.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home is essential in making the best impression. If you have limited time before prospective buyers arrive, use this time to tidy up, remove personal items and create as much space as you can. When you live in the house during the sales process, the home will inevitably become messy or cluttered, but if you pack away non-essential items and keep ornaments or mementoes to a minimum, you can make a good impression.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom

While it is important to clean every room, cleanliness is critical for kitchens and bathrooms. Viewers expect these rooms to be spotless, so it is worthwhile allocating time to give these places the once over.

Wipe down all surfaces, clear away any wet areas or spillages and try to make these rooms as spacious as you can.

Improve the standard of your floors

Many viewers eyes are drawn to the floor when they enter a room, so you need to ensure this area is clean. If you have a carpet, get the vacuum cleaner out, and try to invigorate the carpet as best as you can. If you have tiles, wooden flooring or vinyl laminate, sweep and mop the floor to create a welcoming sheen from the floor up.

Make your bedroom feel fresh

The most essential feature in your bedroom is the bed, so it makes sense to ensure your bed looks as fantastic as possible. A quick yet highly effective way to transform the look and feel of your bedroom is to add fresh bed sheets and linen. Make sure these have been applied in an orderly manner, using hotel standards as your guideline, and you’ll find that visitors love your bedroom. 

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