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2nd August 2013 posted in Property News

Professional Tips for Presenting a Property for Sale

When it comes to selling a property, it’s the job of both the owner and the agent to ensure that it looks its best. After all, it may be a cliché, but first impressions really do count, so everything from the brochure images to the cleaning needs to be taken care of.

Think about it, would you buy a property with peeling paint work and a rusty old car in the drive that was once an ‘important’ project?

An objective eye

For homeowners, it’s often difficult to look at the property objectively, as you see it every day. However, it’s an important exercise to carry out before having a photo taken.

Look at:

  • The garden – is it tidy with all bushes and grass trimmed and weed-free? Ensure that the area looks its absolute best as this will be a decider for many buyers.

  • Paintwork – all outside paintwork must be fresh and clean for best results. Most people have double glazing these days, so ensure window frames, doors and conservatories are all scrubbed down.

  • Outdoor furniture – this should be tidy and not falling apart. If your garden furniture is past its best then throw it away and/or buy new.

  • Gates and fences