Sales market update - November 2018

22nd November 2018 posted in Sellers

The sales market has continued to be strong with only two cities registering annual price falls. The average level of growth is at 3.6% increase with the strongest increases in the Midlands and northern regions. Zoopla’s recent “State of the Property Nation” reported that whilst some people are putting off moving now due to varying factors, more people are actively selling or buying than in the previous two years meaning there is demand and it is still a good time to get on the market.

Statistically, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people aged 25-44 looking to buy property. In the north this has grown 16% and in London, 25%. Other active markets include the “pre-family” market with almost a third looking to buy. Young families are also active, looking to buy and sell. 60% of young families are home owners compared to 39% renting. Foir the first time in over a decade, firt time buyers are set to make up the largest proportion of home piurchases which is leading to increased demand for first time properties and new builds.

 It has also been reported that most people still visit High Street Agents over online only or hybrid to sell their home, and buyers still prefer the high street too meaning if you get your property on with Hunters, we’ll have ready buyers for your property. 75% of sellers think it’s important to be on property portals and with Hunters, you’ll be advertised across all four major ones.