Selling In Camberwell? Avoid These Viewing Turnoffs

4th November 2019 posted in Sellers

If you are selling your home in Camberwell, you need help. We’re pleased to provide you with a range of services that help you sell your home, including placing an accurate valuation on your home. There is a lot to consider in selling your home, and the viewing stage is critical.

Even if you haven’t made a mistake up to the viewing process, you need to ensure your home is what buyers are looking for. It is helpful to know what likely buyers in your area are looking for. When you have this information, you can tailor your property in a manner that appeals to buyers.

However, while it is helpful to style your home in a way that buyers love, don’t overlook the need to minimise problems. There are many things a buyer hates to see when viewing a property. If your home has one or many of these problems, it is likely you won’t receive any offers, and selling your property becomes a hugely challenging task.

Buyers can dislike a home in an instant

A recent study uncovered some of the biggest viewing turnoffs for buyers in the UK. You should read this list and make sure that none of these features are seen in or around your home. The biggest viewing turnoffs are as follows:

·         Extensive stains, cracks or marks on floors, ceilings or walls

·         Bathroom fixtures not functioning properly

·         Exposed wires

·         Kitchen units or cupboards which are broken, worn out or damaged

·         Mould in the bathroom

·         Windows and door frames which are damaged, broken or worn out

·         Rusted pipes

·         Exterior brickwork is ageing poorly, worn out or damaged

·         Light switches and fixtures which don’t work

·         Stained, worn-out or damaged carpets

·         Broken or missing handles on cabinets or cupboards

If you have these problems around your home, it is vital you remedy the issue before you conduct a viewing. Buyers are on the lookout for these problems, and if they find them, they will likely form a negative opinion of your property. Therefore, it is best to remove them.

Make sure your home is presented in the best manner

Most of these problems can be removed quickly and cheaply. Some require a bit of cleaning and elbow grease; others require a minimal amount of DIY work. However, there are problems best left to qualified professionals. If you have exposed wires at home, it is best to call on the services of a skilled and experienced professional to resolve this problem.

Selling your home is difficult, and you are in competition with other houses and homeowners. You need your property to stand out for the right reasons. It is likely buyers in your area will visit several homes. If your home has problems that aren’t present in other homes on the market, your home will fare poorly in comparison.

If you plan on selling your Camberwell home, and you need help connecting with buyers, contact Hunters Camberwell. We are pleased to say we have assisted many local homeowners to sell their home, and we look forward to helping you.