Social Distancing While Selling Your Home

18th March 2020 posted in Sellers

You don’t need us to tell you about the challenges we all face right now. It is important to follow official guidelines, and at Hunters Camberwell, we understand the importance of social distancing. Until authorised otherwise, we intend to provide vendors with the best standard of service. However, we also have a duty of care to our team-members and clients. We believe utilising the latest in technology allows us to serve you in the most appropriate manner.

One of the most challenging aspects for vendors is making sure potential buyers see your home. In a competitive and crowded marketplace, it has become ever more difficult for homeowners to connect with buyers.

At Hunters Camberwell, we are pleased to say we help vendors connect with likely buyers. We use many methods, but technological advances can provide you with an advantage over other local vendors.

Virtual Listings attract more views

It is essential that your listing attract viewers, and utilising technology is a fantastic way to entice more potential buyers to your listings. If you put yourself in the position of a buyer, would you be more excited to view a listing which had photographs, or one which offered a 360º tour and provided a virtual walkthrough of the property?

Studies indicate listings with a 360º tour and VR experience enjoy 87% more views than standard property listings. If you are keen for as many potential buyers to see your home, make sure you stand out for all the right reasons.

The key features of this service include:

·         Professional photographs of your home, ensuring it looks at its finest

·         A millimetre-accurate floorplan that is verified and insured

·         A 360º viewing experience which enables buyers to see your home from every angle, no matter where they currently are

·         VR clips which can be viewed on any smartphone, and which provides the viewer with an immersive tour of your property

Reasons to book this service

If you like the idea of embracing technology to sell your home, but still need persuading, consider these figures:

·         Agents who offer a 360º tour and VR experience have enjoyed a 49% increase in qualified lead generation

·         The use of a 360º tour and VR experience has led to a 95% increase in phone enquiries, a 65% jump in online enquiries and a 40% rise in click-throughs

·         This service appeals to buyers aged between 18 and 34 years old, with this group 130% more likely to arrange a viewing after they have seen a 360º tour and VR experience

At Hunters Camberwell, we know the importance of potential buyers seeing your home, and displaying your house most effectively. This service ensures your property listing grabs attention, and we are keen to ensure you reach as many buyers as possible, so contact Hunters Camberwell today to learn about how this technology helps you sell your home.