Stoke Newington Artist Curating Online Gallery

22nd May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While many people have been working from home during the pandemic, this is easier said than done for many people. There are many industries which don’t fit into the remote working template as easily than others, especially when there is a need for engagement and interaction.

It is fair to say many artists are facing the challenge of representing themselves and reaching others in new ways. Whereas artists would commonly display their work in galleries, when people cannot congregate and mingle in galleries, where does an artist display their work?

An artist based in Stoke Newington, Molly Morphew, has led the way by curating an online selection of multimedia pieces from a range of artists. The artists, from Sydney has been in London for 18 months, and has found herself at home in the creative art scene in South East London. Molly’s work is set to feature in a showcase at the Barbican, which will hopefully take place in October of this year.

This is a chance to explore the world of art

A welcome statement from the artist on the site said; “There is strength in emotion, during this difficult time of COVID-19 - we must stay at home and pause. We have been given time to reflect, think and make. We mustn’t crumble; we must remain strong. In order to heal, we must be honest with ourselves, and with how we are feeling. To be able to get through this, collectively we must use the power and healing ability of ART. This exhibition aims to bring people together by finding ways to collaborate through isolation. This endeavour truly lies in ART.”

One thing that many have felt about the lockdown is that it has accelerated plans or made people focus on different ways of working. Molly says she was planning a “real” exhibition of this nature for some time, but the lockdown provided the ideal opportunity to do so. The collection, entitled “Small Talk, My Animal” has featured art such as poetic text, performance art videos, photographs, sculptures, collages, oil paintings and acrylic paintings.

This style of exhibition might become more popular

How we engage with the world around us has changed, and is likely to evolve in the future. This style of art gallery might make art more accessible to many people. There will be some people who have never contemplated stepping foot inside a gallery before, but from the comfort of their home, a new world is opening up.

The artist said; “I find the art world can be very pretentious and not always accessible to everyone and that sort of drives me crazy. I wanted to create the space for the audience to feel really welcomed and comfortable and I want it to be quite relatable.”

A free online exhibition might be what the world is waiting for, and you have the chance to see work created, and curated, by a local artist.

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