Stoke Newington Property – December 2020

16th December 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers

At the start of December 2020, Rightmove had a total of 370 properties listed for sale in Stoke Newington.

The highest priced property was listed at £2,500,000 as was the next highest priced property. The lowest priced property was a £106,205 flat on Kingsland High Street, and then a £144,000 flat in King House. These are the extremes of the property market in and around Stoke Newington, but it should indicate there is something for all range of budgets.

Of the 370 listed properties in Stoke Newington, only two are listed as detached properties. There are not many more semi-detached properties for sale in the area, with only eight listed for sale.

Flats are the most common property for sale in Stoke Newington

There is an increase when it comes to terraced properties, with 58 terraced properties listed for sale in and around Stoke Newington according to Rightmove at the start of December.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular form of property listed for sale in Stoke Newington is flats. There are 288 flats listed for sale, which is indicative of what the market has to offer.

It might be that there is an increase in the supply of flats as people are looking to sell this style of property, and make their way to a larger home.

The lockdown period has made many people re-valuate what is important to them, and people are looking for more space in their living arrangements. However, there will be just as many people attracted to the idea of living in a flat in Stoke Newington.

It should be stated there are many spacious flats in and around the Stoke Newington area, so it is not as if you are compromising on space or style when looking at property of this kind.

Garden space and parking spots are in high demand

The recent Zoopla buyer search terms list, which placed gardens as the most popular search of the year, is a reminder of what people are looking for in a new home. With parking and garages also featuring in the top three, these are clearly crucial components buyers are looking for when they snap up a new home.

Of the 370 listed properties in Stoke Newington, 180 have been listed has having a garden. When you consider the abundance of flats for sale in the local area, this is a strong return. Also, there are many green and spacious areas within easy reach of most properties in this region.

If you are looking for property with a dedicated parking space, there are 55 listings with parking for property in Stoke Newington.

A total of 24 properties for sale in Stoke Newington are listed as offering a garden and parking space.

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