Stoke Newington Residents: Gardening Support And Tips

18th May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers

With garden centres getting the green light to re-open, people with a garden have the chance to add some colour and vitality to their garden. If you have access to a garden, you are advised to enjoy it right now, making the most of the sunshine. Whether you choose to exercise, relax or just enjoy some fresh air, this is the ideal time to spend time in your garden.

If you are unsure of where to start in the garden, here are some quick gardening tips that will brighten up the area. By creating a colourful space, you will have a welcoming area, and you are more likely to encourage your children to get involved with the process, if you have any.

Add some vitality to your garden

Follow these quick gardening tips:

·         Add bunting

·         Clean patio furniture

·         Create personalised containers

·         Grow crops by the kitchen door

·         Line stairs with pots

·         Make mini mosaics with stones and pebbles

·         Paint plant pots

·         Paint wooden furniture

·         Paint your fence

·         Plant patio herbs

·         Plant unusual containers

·         Plant up path edges

·         Refresh hanging baskets

Of course, gardening centres re-opening isn’t just a boost for people looking to revitalise their garden, it will be of benefit to local industries.

NFU president Minette Batters said; “Opening garden centres provide a lifeline for British plant and flower growers that have been devastated by the near-complete loss of their market this year. The overnight closure in March of garden centres, florists and other retail outlets resulted in growers losing significant proportions of their perishable stock products, pushing many of these vital businesses to near collapse.”

There has been a lot of support for garden centres from leading bodies, even though some people have complained it isn’t an essential service.

Batters also said; “Thousands of family businesses, built up over generations, have been supplying the country’s growing appetite for gardening over the years and we want to ensure they survive to continue meeting this demand with fantastic British-grown plants. I would encourage the public to look out for British plants and flowers if they are visiting garden centres, specialist plant nurseries and supermarkets, or if they’re shopping online.”

Looking for local garden centres?

The N1 Garden Centre is a short drive from the heart of Stoke Newington, and is an example of the sort of local garden centre that has helped many people in the local community. The centre is yet to announce on their social media channels whether they will be reopened now that the Government has allowed garden centres to do so.

Leaf Envy in Hackney Downs is also a nearby option. This has continued to deliver plants during the lockdown period, and you should check with their social media accounts to see if they are open to the public.

Even if a garden centre opens to the public, it is likely they will be operating with restrictions. Before you visit, please check with the garden centre to ensure you are able to comply with their requests.

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