Stoke Newington Tipped For Change

23rd June 2020 posted in Property News

You are never far away from a discussion about regeneration and development in London. The capital has undergone considerable change in recent memory, and many further developments are planned for years to come.

However, with life on pause for many people, firms and industries right now, it is natural that many people are keen to look ahead in the hope of predicting what further changes will occur. Right now, who can say for sure what will happen by the end of the year, let alone in the next five to ten years?

Of course, life must move on, and given the sums of money involved with the regeneration process of many parts of London, it is unlikely that COVID-19 will entirely derail development plans. Developments may be delayed, and some might be cancelled, but there is a strong chance that many projects will continue as usual.

If you are keen to gauge the opinion of people, social media, and new-form platforms are an excellent way to do so. We’ve had many reminders of the positive and negative aspects of social media in recent times, but when it comes to debate and learning what other people think, there is a lot to be said for debating in a polite manner.

There is all manner of debates taking place on Reddit, but recently, one question has generated a lot of interest and replies. In the London sub-reddit (or section) of the site, the following question was asked:

Where do you see your area in 5-10 years?

There have been a lot of answers, and one user had a lot to say about Stoke Newington.

Stoke Newington. Has gone from slightly dodgy area to hipster central, now changing to young family / yummy mummy village. It seems to follow Islington / Clerkenwell as people get priced out of those areas of are looking for more green space while still having quick access to the city via bus / cycle.”

There is no denying Stoke Newington has changed in recent years, and it has grown in popularity. The development of London areas will always spark debate. Many people hanker for the area they grew up in or knew so well, but equally, many people appreciate the community and energy which comes from developments and new places to visit.

The range of shops, bars and cafes that have popped up in the area have transformed Stoke Newington, and for many people, this has been a change for the better.

Stoke Newington has a lot to offer

As the user points out, there is plenty of green space in the local area, and it is easy to get to the city via bus or by bike.

These are all positive factors when looking for a home, and for many, Stoke Newington is the ideal place to settle.

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