Sydenham Arts Keeping Kids Entertained During Lockdown

24th May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

When it comes to reputable local sources, it is hard to argue with the success and staying power of Sydenham Arts. This is a registered charity which has clocked up more than a decade of embracing all manner of arts.

Whether you or your children have a passion for music, poetry, workshops, theatre, spoken word or comedy, you will find it all on offer. Also, Sydenham Arts have developed an excellent reputation for hosting the Artists Trail. This sees close to 200 visual artists involved each year, making a mark on the artistic community, and the local area.

Of course, during the lockdown, Sydenham Arts has had to change its tact. So many of the great activities on offer to children are no longer available. Thankfully, the group has successfully pivoted and is no offering a wide range of activities online.

One of the most popular options provided by Sydenham Arts is allowing kids to learn from professional dancers. These dancers are trained in activities and dances which are safe for youngsters, helping children to feel creative and energised. While development is at the heart of these activities, there is a lot of fun.

What are the benefits of dance classes for youngsters?

Parents will always want their children to engage in activities that offer benefits, and this is even more true during the lockdown. Thankfully, dancing is an excellent activity which provides so many benefits for youngsters.

·         Dancing is known to boost the confidence of youngsters, which is an outcome all parents are looking for

·         Many parents find that their children develop their co-ordination through dancing, which is a useful trait to improve

·         There is also a lot to be said for the benefits in imagination on offer to youngsters who dance

·         You will also find that the fitness benefits associated with dancing are worth pursuing, and are a key reason so many parents are pleased for their youngsters to engage in this activity

·         Some parents have found that their child’s concentration has developed thanks to dancing, and dancing can improve people’s communication skills

Kids love dancing and it is good for them

When you add all these benefits together and take on board dancing is great fun for many youngsters, is it any surprise that kids love to dance?

·         Wednesday 3rd June between 10 am and 1 pm

·         Wednesday 10th June between 10 am and 1 pm

·         Wednesday 17th June between 10 am and 1 pm

·         Wednesday 24th June between 10 am and 1 pm

There are also three dates scheduled for July as well, so if you like to plan, you have plenty of dates to choose from.

The class between 11 am and 11.45 am is for children aged between three and five years old. The later class, running between midday and 1 pm is for youngsters aged between six and nine years old.

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