The Best Place to Raise a Family in England Has Been Revealed

7th September 2015 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

If you are planning on starting a family soon or are simply looking for somewhere nice to move your brood to, there are lots of different things to take into consideration, before deciding where to go.

If you have children, then you need to consider public transports, schools in the area, local facilities, and more. New research has found that the North West of England is actually the best place to live when all these factors are taken into consideration.

The Family Friendly Index was put together by and looked into schools, examined facilities, and crime rates, among other things, to find the best areas for families to live in England.

Three of the places in the top five on the index are in the North West of England: Shrigley Road in Bollington, near Macclesfield, Lower Cophurst Lane in Chorley, and Tame Lane in Delph, near Manchester.

Coachways in Mapperley, near Nottingham, and Packington Lane, Packington, in the East Midlands completed the top five list. The research took into consideration the emotional requirements a family might have, such as a supportive community and network of people around them, and the functional requirements a family might have, such as local amenities and facilities.

The index based the family friendliness rating on how good the local schools were, the green areas available nearby, the provision of NCT networks, and the amount of places in the area where families could meet up.

When the results were broken down even further, Shrigley Road in Bollington remained at the top for places to start a family, and Bentley’s Farm Lane, Higher Whitley was number one for places to raise a family.

These results were found by taking into consideration the different needs of a newborn baby to those of a toddler or school-age child. Shrigley Road scored very highly in terms of activities, whereas Bentley’s Farm Lane scored well for schools.

Many people, of course, may have both school-age children and a baby, so the best place that offers a good compromise is Poynton in East Cheshire, another location in the North West of England.

Unsurprisingly, the South East of England didn’t do too well on the list, and only a few locations within commuting distance of London even made it into the top 100.

There’s good news though – the report states that “every place is a good place to start a family” due to the fact that almost every area has good opportunities for parents that are looking to settle down with their children. The areas on the list found to be good or bad were very spread out, meaning no specific region could be labelled as a “bad location for families”.

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