The Hunters guide to selling a home

10th March 2017 posted in Property News Sellers

Welcome to the Hunters guide to selling a home

At Hunters we know when you want to promote your property for sale, you're not just selling a house or flat, but selling a home - and changing your life in the process.

We understand you may be moving due to major life changes such as a growing fmaily, needing to downsize, a relationship breakdown or for financial reasons, all of which can add stress to the moving process.

Whatever the reason for your move, we have created this home selling guide to take you through the selling process, from the very beginnings of your decision making right through to the completion of the sale or settling into your new home.  The buying and selling process can change from one year to the next, so we have drawn on our extensive experience as one of the UK's leading estate agents to give you expert insight on securing the best price for your property, preparing your home for sale, managing the legal process, organising removals or much more.

Bookmark this page to use as a handy reference guide, but remember, you can call or visit your local Hunters office for further advice and help.

Contents of this guide


Preparing to move

  1. Should you sell?
  2. What if you need to sell your property quickly?
  3. Know your individual property market
  4. Gather your paperwork


Get the ball rolling

  1. Prepare your home
  2. Choosing an estate agent