Top Spring Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

11th April 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Top Spring Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

With the spring sunshine bouncing off our windows, is your home feeling as bright and airy as it should? Sometimes with the change of seasons it’s nice to have a change in décor and really freshen up a room or two in your home.

You can make one big change or a few little changes within your property; it doesn’t need to be anything drastic, just something fresh and different to give your house a little spring makeover:

Warm Pastels

A warm pastel colour will work well in any room and helps to give your home a gentle spring touch. Whether you paint your walls with a nice pastel blue or perhaps buy some new curtains in a summery pastel yellow, injecting a little bit of colour into your home can make a huge difference.

Don’t choose too many colours though, you don’t want to end up with a pastel dominated house, just choose a few walls here or there or a set of furniture to re-cover, it will have a lovely effect.


Wooden items are both natural and neutral and help to bring the outside in when it comes to home décor. By using wood in your home, you are bringing together a warm, rich feel, by connecting your home to nature.

You don’t necessarily have to use wooden furniture; there are a range of different wood textured wallpapers and wood-like fabrics that you can use for a rustic finish. Alternatively upcycled furniture with a splash of white wash can bring a great summer feel into your home.


A lovely way to really feel the sand beneath your feet and hear the lap of the waves upon the shores is to bring a piece of the beach into your home. Decorative driftwood and shells can make for great home accessories, and a white washed floor or ceiling can quickly change the whole feel of your home.

Beachy décor will give your home a calm and laid back feel, while bringing the memories of summer holidays to the forefront of your mind. Whenever you go on holiday you can always bring something home with you to save for decorating during the sunny months next year.


When the sun is out, there is nothing more lovely than watching the light bounce around your house and brighten every room. Using mirrors and transparent surfaces will help with this.

You can either place one large mirror in a room or even scatter a few smaller mirrors in a pattern across one wall. Glass topped tables work beautifully in sitting rooms and glass display cabinets can help make your home feel more open.


When the sun comes out, so do the flowers in your garden, so why not replicate that effect inside your house. Floral designs never go out of fashion and they are easy enough to use in numerous different ways.

Choose fabrics for curtains and tablecloths or go one step further and choose a nice floral pattern for your wallpaper. Be careful not to go over the top though as too much floral could be a bit overwhelming.


Hopefully as the sun comes out you will be able to eat al fresco and sit in the garden and have a drink (or two!) after work. The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to spring décor, so try and brighten up a few bits and bobs.

You don’t need to start replacing pots and pans, but introducing pottery and colourful kitchenware into your home will really give you the summer vibes when you are cooking a meal or eating with your family.