Top Tips for Bringing Light into a Dark Room

19th August 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Top Tips for Bringing Light into a Dark Room

Small rooms, basements, hallways, and small-windowed rooms can become all too dull and dank without the right colour schemes, furnishings, and lighting solutions to brighten them up. Here are 10 top tips for casting light into the darkness.

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1. Can you Borrow Light from Another Room?

If your space opens out on to a lighter room, replace the solid door with a glass-paneled door, or a translucent sliding panel. This lets you benefit from the light from the brighter adjacent space.

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2. Light Walls with Darker Accents

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that white walls create both light and space. But even in the darkest of corners, you can get away with darker accent areas or feature walls. Just avoid using them on each and every wall.

3. White Floors

A white floor is a lesser-known pro designer tip that’s guaranteed to increase the feeling of light and space. Plus they’re unmatchable in terms of visual impact. I know, white carpets are a pain to keep clean, but if you can get away with painting a wood or concrete floor white, or going for white floor tiles, you’re on to a winner. If you’re not in a position to change the entire floor, a big white machine-washable rug will make a noticeable difference.

4. A Window-Enlarging Trick

Make windows look bigger by fitting a curtain pole that extends a foot or more either side of the window, and drawing the curtains just to the edge of the window frame. This trick makes windows appear bigger, increasing the psychological perception of light in the space.

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5. Avoid Clutter

Really, just avoid too much stuff in the space. Keep furniture to a functional minimum- any extra creates shadow, which we are trying to avoid in a small dark space.

6. Mirror Image

Big mirrors are sure bet design feature for any room, but they are particularly effective at increasing a feel of light and space in small, dark areas.

7. The Right Accessories

Furnishings that feature lots of glass, especially table tops and cabinets, will increase the feeling of both space and light. For storage cabinets, try frosted glass-  it hides the clutter stashed within, while continuing to bounce the light around in a pleasing way.

8. On the Down Low

Low furnishings allow more light into and around the space.  In front of windows especially, do make sure that higher-designed furniture isn’t blocking the light in any way.

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Written by Penny Tristram