Top Tips on Preparing Your House For Spring

18th February 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Top Tips on Preparing Your House For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and its time to start preparing your home for the warmer months ahead. During winter, parts of your home can often end up being slightly neglected and needing of a bit of TLC.

Whether you want to add a lick of paint to the interiors of your house or you're looking to spruce up your garden for spring, these tips will ensure you are ready to embrace the warmer weather in the comfort of your newly trim and tidy home.



The easiest way to prepare the interior of your home for spring, is to begin by making a list and working from room to room. Start by cleaning the windows and then opening them to let some fresh air in while you clean the rest of the room.

A great way to get that really fresh feeling in a house is to add a new colour to the walls, or even just brighten up the old one. Choose bright and airy colours such as pale pink and yellow to make your room feel spacious and new.

When you are giving your home a spring clean, its a great time to check all your home systems are in good working order. Check your fire alarm and burglar alarm are working and bleed all your radiators. It can also be a good idea to clean your tumble dryer as you may not need to use it much when the sun comes out.



Your garden is one of the first things that you see when you look out of your window each morning, so its important that it's ready for the spring months ahead. A harsh winter can often leave the exterior of your home looking messy and unkempt so this can often be a good place to start.

Walk around your house and check for any damage that might have been caused by bad weather, check your doors and windows and replace any cracking caulk and weather beaten paint. An important place to check is on and around your roof - make sure there are no missing tiles and no damage to the material on your roof, and clean out all your gutters and downspouts.

Once the exterior of your house is finished, it's time to focus on your garden. Use a rake to clear away any leaves and debris on your lawn and give the grass a fresh cutting. Check that none of your plants have been affected by frost or weather damage and think about planting some new flowers ready for spring, here are some great ideas for a splash of colour:


  • Tulip - These start blooming in the first few weeks of April and can be found in a huge range of bold and bright colours. 
  • Iris - These are great for brightening up your garden straight out of winter as they bloom in late February and grow beautiful purple flowers.
  • Daffodil - Another March-April bloomer, these classic yellow flowers are big and beautiful and will definitely brighten up your garden. 
  • Crocus - As late February bloomers, these lovely little flowers come in a range of colours, from white to lilac, or even a lovely mauve colour.

It may seem daunting all the work that can be done to prepare you home for Spring, but when the sunny months come around you will be glad to have your house in tip top shape, with a beautiful garden to relax in and a home to be proud of.