Waste Management In Greenwich: Coronavirus Tips

30th April 2020 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

While you must follow Government guidance in dealing with the Coronavirus, it is also crucial you follow tips and rules from local sources. There are social distancing guidelines everyone needs to follow, but if you are keen to manage your daily life, following suggestions from local authorities and looking out for what is on offer from local stores will help.

When it comes to waste management, it is vital people follow guidelines and updates from local authorities. It should be no surprise to learn that there will be a reduced level of bin collection and street cleaning in Greenwich at this time.

All industries will experience a drop in employees because people are falling ill, people are self-isolating, and some people need to look after other people. All these factors reduce the ability to provide a consistent standard of service. Therefore, homeowners and residents in Greenwich need to be aware there will be a slight disruption to services they rely on.

Make sure the services you need are operating

Another issue which Greenwich residents should be aware of is the closure of the Reuse and Recycle Centre in Nathan Way. This is an outcome that has been imposed on all London councils, with recycling centres not being classed as providing an essential service, which means travel to and from the centre is not classed as critical.

Unfortunately, there is a strong chance many households will take advantage of this lockdown by cleaning and decluttering. This is a highly efficient use of time for people at home, but with recycling and refuse centres currently closed, there may not be any place to remove these items from your home.

Therefore, the local authority has requested people don’t produce any additional household waste at this current time.

It has also been announced that customers cannot purchase or make an order on recycling sacks until further notice. Customers who have a blue bin are advised to place items for recycling into the bin without a bag. The local centre prefers these items to be presented loose, so there will be a benefit to them of acting in this manner.

A halt on bulky waste collections

There will also be a temporary halt on bulky waste collections. Any collections which had been agreed will still be completed, but no additional bookings will be taken. If you have noticed an increase in litter on the streets, this is because street cleaning services are only taking place in town centres.

Tips people are advised to follow:

·         When cleaning crews are working, maintain a safe distance from them

·         Place bins at the end of your property

·         Store bulky items inside your home until standard services are up and running

·         Reuse and recycle as much as possible

·         Only use green bins for food waste, not garden waste

·         Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to double bag tissues, retain them for 72 hours and then dispose of these bags in the black bin

·         Do not leave additional bags around bins

If you are looking for guidance on the housing market or local matters, please get in touch. At Hunters Greenwich, we are keen to provide as much support and guidance as we can in the local community, so please contact us today.