West Hampstead Developments And Possible Changes

13th September 2021 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

We all know transport links are essential for a community, and a developer working in the local area has vowed to work with Transport for London (TfL) to improve access to the transport links of West Hampstead.

At Hunters, we know the importance of transport links to locals, and to the housing market as a whole. The issue has arisen alongside plans for 1,900 properties, with Landsec being the development firm driving the work.

Changes could be coming to West Hampstead

Some of the promises made by Landsec include:

  • Exploring “the provision of a significant new health centre”
  • Creating space for a gym, a café and a cinema
  • Investigating the scheme’s “impact on other local services and whether we need to invest in these”

Of course, you will note that there is no firm commitment made by Landsec, just that they will review certain improvements and possible new facilities.

Landsec have released a statement, saying; “We’ll continue to look at everyone’s feedback in detail over the summer months and we’re planning a next round of consultation in September. We will show how the designs have progressed and responded to your feedback, and provide more detail on how the scheme will look and feel.”

The company also says they are aware of the concerns people have people, on matters such as the scale of the buildings, the height of the buildings, the impact on transport and even the balance between green space and affordable housing. These are all crucial matters when it comes to people enjoying local life, and it is essential that answers are provided.

Affordable housing is essential for many parts of London

There was a meeting in July in Camden for development managers, with Landsec development manager Tim Trillo saying; “We want to work in partnership with you and with Camden Council to deliver a development that meets London's needs. I do recognise that some people are still concerned about issues such as height and the provision of affordable housing. We will continue to listen to that.”

One of the areas where locals and groups are concerned about the impact on the local area comes with Landsec expanding their redevelopment plans. Initially, the plan was to build 1,000 homes on the car park of the 02 Centre. Now, the plan is to demolish the centre, and add close to double the number of homes.

The plans suggest a range of tower heights will be included, with the tallest of the buildings coming in at 16 storeys.

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