West Hampstead: Have Your Say

28th August 2020 posted in

In the current climate, it is extremely important for residents to feel as though their opinion matters in the local community. We all want to feel as though we belong and are part of something, which means local council authorities who pay attention to residents are going to be well thought of.

This is the case in the London borough of Camden, and at Hunters West Hampstead, we are glad this is the case. Camden Council is set to survey landlords, residents, businesses, employees and organisations for opinions and ideas on what should happen with town centres in the borough.

People will have access to an online map which will enable people to drop pins and then comment on the improvements they would like to see in the area. The eligible town centres in the borough are: Finchley Road/Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, Kilburn High Road, West Hampstead, Kentish Town, Camden Town, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road.

Share your thoughts on your local area

At Hunters West Hampstead, we encourage anyone with opinions on how to improve the local area to get online and share their thoughts. If you are concerned about voicing an opinion which might not be welcomed by all the community, but which you feel is important, you can comment anonymously.

It is not always wise to encourage anonymous comments on the internet, but in this case, it is hoped that people will speak freely and share genuine opinions. The council says these comments will “inform the council’s work and priorities”.

The council is looking for insight regarding public spaces, community spaces, training, employment, a green and sustainable economy and other aspects of life in the local town centres.

What would you like to see in West Hampstead?

If you have strong opinions about West Hampstead, and what can be done to improve the area, this is the perfect time for you to speak up. We like to think there is a lot to love about life in and around West Hampstead, but we also think there is room for improvement.

The council’s Commonplace website says: “Our vision is for Camden’s high streets to be ready to face the future. Our town and neighbourhood centres of tomorrow will be diverse places that are vibrant, safe, family-friendly, environmentally responsible and accessible to shop, work, socialise and share knowledge. They will be places to help you to build the skills, networks and spaces to learn, make, live, and play.”

The council website also states: “To help take forward this vision, we want to hear how you feel about your area - as residents, local businesses, community organisations, employees and landlords - and your ideas and ambitions for the future.”

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