What To Do If Your Home Isn't Attracting Buyers

25th February 2019 posted in Sellers

No matter how attractive you think your home is or how appealing your area appears to be, if you don’t attract buyers to your home, you can’t sell your home. Therefore, you need to reconsider your strategy or activities if your home isn’t attracting buyers and work out what you can do to attract buyers.

There are some common reasons why homes don’t attract buyers and it is best to deal with these matters initially to see if this will resolve your problem.

How is the local market performing?

When you sell your home, you can’t solely consider your home, you need to think about the local market. If there is very little movement in the market and all vendors are struggling to attract buyers, it may be that you aren’t doing much wrong. However, if there is a lot of movement in your local area and some homes sell very quickly, it is likely that there is an issue with your home, your price or how the property is being promoted.

Is your house appropriately priced?

If your house has been priced at too high a level, buyers will not show an interest. Given the competitive nature of the market and the increasing need for buyers to feel certain before they make an offer, there is a lot more research being carried out. Buyers are increasingly savvy and this means there is less likelihood overpriced property will attract willing buyers.

Therefore, vendors need to ensure they price their home appropriately. Having the house valued is a strong starting point but bear in mind that external factors also impact on the price buyers are willing to pay. Issues like the availability of homes in the local area, demand for homes in this area and the quality of the local community all influence what a buyer is willing to pay for a house.

Pricing a home properly can be challenging, but it is an issue that is easier with experience. Therefore, if you are looking to price your home at the appropriate level, make sure you work with a skilled and experienced estate agent.

Is your agent doing enough?

If the market is moving and you are confident that your home has been priced appropriately, the issue may be with the promotion of the property. If you don’t currently have an estate agent working on your behalf, this is likely to be an issue that you can resolve. However, if you do have an estate agent working on your behalf and there is little or no interest in your home, it may be that your estate agent isn’t doing enough or working well enough to help promote your home.

In the modern day, your home needs to be listed on online property portals, and you need to have high-quality images of your home. It is high-quality images that grab attention and make prospective buyers stop scrolling and pay attention to your home.

This isn’t the be all and end all in promoting your home but great quality images make a massive difference in generating interest and ensuring prospective buyers take the time to look at your home.

The right estate agent will also be proactive in reaching out to the most likely buyer and promoting the property in the areas where they are most likely to look. There is also the fact that a knowledgeable estate agent can provide guidance on how to stage the home to appeal to the most likely buyer.

At Hunters Castleford, a lot of what we do is based on bringing buyers and vendors together. If you want the best standard of support in selling your home, make sure you call on a dependable estate agent. You can phone us on 01977 232 800 or come in and visit us to see how we can help attract buyers to your home.