What landlords need to know about EPC for rental properties

13th September 2022 posted in Landlords

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) states how energy efficient a property is by using a rating system, which starts at A (the most efficient) and runs down to G (the least efficient). All landlords must have a valid EPC when renting out property to tenants.

EPCs cost between £60 and £120. They estimate energy costs (an important factor for your tenants) and assess the property’s energy performance-related features. An EPC also includes recommendations on how to make your property more energy-efficient and gives an estimate on how much these changes cost. Recommendations could include adding insulation or simple things like changing your lightbulbs to energy-saving ones.

Changes to EPC requirements are part of the government’s work towards its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Homes need to run efficiently, and with the current cost of living crisis this has never been more important. EPC requirements for landlords are set to change in 2025 and then again in 2030. These changes will significantly raise the efficiency standards required by landlords. Get informed now so you’re prepared for the changes to come.