Why You Need An Agent With A Track Record In Customer Satisfaction

15th April 2019 posted in Sellers

Selling your home can be a challenging process, which is why you need help from the best professionals in your area or industry. However, there are many different components involved with selling a house, so how do you know where your focus should lie? To make the process of selecting the best agent for your needs, why not focus on an agent with a track record in customer satisfaction?

If a customer is happy with an agent when selling your home, you have a high starting point in feeling confident about the assistance you will receive. You may read some reviews focusing on a particular aspect of an agent’s work, and these could be hugely positive. However, many professionals are skilled in one area, but not talented or experienced in other areas.

Look for an agent who can provide you with everything you need

Therefore, if you read reviews focusing on an agent’s expertise in one particular area, it should set alarm bells ringing. In the modern era, social proof is crucial in gaining obstructions, but estate agents know they cannot afford to tell lies. However, they can present a specific image and identity of themselves which makes them more appealing than what they genuinely are.

This is why focusing on a customer’s overall level of happiness with an agent is essential. After all, if an agent was good at pricing property but poor at listing properties, the customer wouldn’t be too impressed with the service. Selling a home requires a lot of aspects to come together, so the best estate agent for the role is one who combines these elements in one comprehensive package.

The importance of local knowledge is crucial, so this is another factor you need to consider. However, many people want to choose an estate agent who has a lot of support around them. Therefore, a franchised local agent may provide you with the best of both worlds.

Moving home can be stressful so get help from an experienced professional

There is also the fact that selling your house can be a nervous and worrying time. You will likely feel on edge, which means you are looking for guidance from a professional who understands the pressure and stress associated with a house sale. You want to choose an agent who has a strong track record in customer satisfaction because this agent will be more likely to keep you calm and focused on the overall process.

At Hunters, we are pleased and proud to say that we achieved a customer satisfaction record of 96% nationwide across sales and lettings for 2018. The fact that so many of our customers are happy with our service ensures we are doing something right, and we look forward to providing you with this high standard of service.

Our team is trained to offer dependable customer service when selling or letting property, and we look forward to assisting you in the process. Contact Hunters if you want the most dependable level of service, no matter your next property move.