Renting in Bethnal Green

House shares

For professionals and students in Bethnal Green, there are a number of house share opportunities to meet various needs. For as little as £450pcm you can find single rooms in larger shared properties, and as prices steadily increase, so do room sizes. With shared bathrooms and communal kitchen spaces, this is a great option for those looking to live in central London without spending over £1000 per month.


For a home that is entirely your own, a studio can be found for just £1050 per calendar month. The difference in studios is nominal, but between the lower and upper end of this bracket is the room size. At the higher end of this range living rooms and kitchens are more defined, and offer more inbuilt storage and natural light. 1 bedroom True 1 bedroomed properties can be found for between £1300 and £1500 each month. For this price you can expect to find plenty of inbuilt storage and modern white goods. These homes are also typically fully furnished, so you can move straight into a property that will soon become your home.

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2 bedrooms

2 bedroomed properties are the most common in Bethnal Green, with converted warehouses abounding, along with more modern tower blocks which have now become stylish homes. These properties can be found for between £1500 and £1800 per calendar month, and are perfect for sharing professionals, couples and new families. The choice between furnished and unfurnished properties is entirely yours.

3 bedrooms

If you’re looking for a 3 bedroomed home in Bethnal Green, then expect to pay anywhere between £1800 and £2600 per calendar month. Though there are 3 bedroomed homes for under £2000 per month, these are rare and on the market only for very short amounts of time. Homes in this bracket are equally split between apartments and terraced homes, so you can choose between one, two, and even 3 storied properties. If you’re looking for luxury 3 bedroomed properties in Bethnal Green, new apartments in the most exclusive developments can be found for up to £3800 per month. At such a price point you can find sky lights, open plan living spaces, and designs which combine the beauty of minimalism with all the modern luxuries that you can desire.

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4 bedrooms

Finally, we come to the largest rental properties that you regularly find in Bethnal Green -- 4 bedroomed properties which are large, luxurious and just perfect as your next home. Generally, these homes appear on the market for between £3000 and £3750 per calendar month, but rare exceptions to the rule can be found for £2600pcm and up. The most expensive properties of this size can cost upwards of £5000pcm, so whatever you’re dreaming of can be found. Whether it’s 24 hour concierges or in house spas, you’re certain to find your dream home here in Bethnal Green. For more details about rentals in Bethnal Green and how Hunters can help you find your next home, get in touch with our office today. When you’re ready to move, Hunters gets moving.