Buying Properties at Auction

Have you ever considered buying a property at auction? Many think that auctions are for investors or property developers, but the method of selling at auction is becoming more popular, meaning a wider pool of properties to choose from. Compared to buying a property through the traditional method, auction purchases offer increased accessibility and benefits including a faster sale. 

What are the benefits of buying a property at auction?

  • Speed – from a successful bid, the property can be yours within 28 days.
  • Transparency – You will hear/see all bids that are placed, in the room or on our website
  • Fairness – there is no rush to view the property and get your offer in, everyone is in the same position.
  • Straightforward – all you need is the means to pay the 10% deposit/reservation fee and the buyers premium, your ID and obviously the knowledge that you are able to meet the completion terms should you be successful.
  • Often properties sold at auction, are extremely unique. If you are looking for a rare gem, it’s often found at auction.
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Legal Packs

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Online entry bidding

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