Decorating Your Home on a Shoestring Budget

Fri 16 May 2014

Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it definitely doesn't come cheap. Once you have put down your deposit, paid for surveys and valuations, and finally moved in, the next thing you need to do is decorate. You may have furnishings from your previous home that you can start with, but it is still nice to make a new home your own and decorate it in your style, whatever your budget may more

Paint or Wallpaper – What are the Pros and Cons When Decorating?

Fri 09 May 2014

The best thing about the walls in your home is that they can completely transform your space and style in a quick and easy way. Using paint or wallpaper, you can easily spice up a boring room just by changing up the colours and textures. There are many different pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether to decorate your walls using paint or wallpaper, including the price, the level of more

How to Create the Rustic Décor of Your Dreams

Fri 02 May 2014

When it comes to the interior decor of your home, it can often be hard to choose just one style. Rustic decor tends to combine a few different decorating styles though including, country, vintage, western and primitive, so is a great route to take. The best thing about using a rustic design in your decor is that you can create a warm and homely atmosphere, while still holding onto an ove more

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Thu 24 Apr 2014

It can often feel disappointing if you buy a house where one room is a lot smaller than the others. This is especially the case when that small room is one you intend on making into a bedroom. A bedroom should feel comfortable and cosy and should be somewhere you can relax after a long day. It is important to remember that every room has potential, it's simply about finding the little tip more

Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in the World

Thu 17 Apr 2014

If you had millions of pounds in the bank ready to invest in the property of your dreams where would you begin? Would you have an Olympic size pool? A mile long driveway? Would you build it in LA or London? There are a lot of people who have been lucky enough to build and buy their dream home, creating some impressive properties across the globe. So in case you were wondering, here are the mos more

Top Spring Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

Fri 11 Apr 2014

With the spring sunshine bouncing off our windows, is your home feeling as bright and airy as it should? Sometimes with the change of seasons it's nice to have a change in decor and really freshen up a room or two in your home. You can make one big change or a few little changes within your property; it doesn't need to be anything drastic, just something fresh and different to give you more

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient in 6 Simple Steps

Fri 04 Apr 2014

Becoming more energy efficient is a great way to not only help the environment but also to help tighten your purse strings. There are the obvious big ways to make a difference to your home's energy efficiency, such as installing solar panels, but there are actually a lot of ways that you can save money and energy without having to break the bank: Doors and Windows Doors and windows are more

5 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Fri 28 Mar 2014

It may not feel like it with this cold and somewhat wintery weather, but spring is definitely here. The days are getting longer and soon we will be able to relax in the garden with a drink in hand, enjoying the warm breeze and beautiful trees and flowers around us. It is easy to turn your house into a cosy hub of warmth when you are getting ready for winter, but how do you transform it into more

Amazing Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Thu 20 Mar 2014

If you are tight on space and always looking for new ways to make your home feel bigger, then what could be more useful than multifunctional furniture. With our fast, modern lifestyle always requiring us to be multitasking at home, these creative and original pieces of furniture have been created to help us do just that and make the most of the space in our home. Check them out:   P more

5 Home Buys to Achieve the Wow Factor

Fri 14 Mar 2014

If you want to set your home apart from others without renovating it from top to bottom, the trick is to buy a few different pieces here and there that will turn your ordinary home into an extraordinary one. Here are some ideas to get you started: Lighting Lighting can be used in a range of different ways to help give your home a bit of a wow factor. Just buying a few sleek modern lamps t more