How to Grow Fresh Indoor Herbs for Delicious Dishes

Sun 15 Sep 2013

There's still plenty of scope to be green-fingered through the winter months by growing indoor herbs. Of course, nothing beats the flavour of fresh herbs in just about any savoury recipe. There's no need for any special kit, and indoor herbs work in even the most compact of apartments - all you need is a sunny windowsill. Take a quick look at these top tips for keeping your indoor herbs more

Preparing your Home for Winter

Thu 12 Sep 2013

It's rare that we have such a great summer as we have had this year in the UK and as it's drawing to an end, many of us will be thinking about rising energy bills and how best we can budget for these. Whilst the cold weather hasn't yet set in, it's safe to say that it will and when it does, most people will find their energy bills at least doubling in price, so what can you do to help more

Bringing the Outside In

Fri 06 Sep 2013

Create a More Beautiful Interior with Accents of Nature Autumn is coming and we can all get a bit down when it's freezing outside and the trees are getting bare. Get in touch with nature all year round with the right interior design choices. Literally bring nature indoors All rights reserved by la casa deco inc Pot plants don't have to languish in tired plastic containers! Using a more

Stylish and Practical Home Office Décor

Mon 02 Sep 2013

More and more of us are working remotely from home and a home office is tricky thing to get right. If you make it to homely it's likely that you'll be easily distracted and you will find it difficult to concentrate on your work as many things will draw your attention. If you make it too clinical and professional it just won't be an enticing place in which to spend time. Combining profess more

Top Tips for Bringing Light into a Dark Room

Mon 19 Aug 2013

Small rooms, basements, hallways, and small-windowed rooms can become all too dull and dank without the right colour schemes, furnishings, and lighting solutions to brighten them up. Here are 10 top tips for casting light into the darkness. Source: Flickr 1. Can you Borrow Light from Another Room? If your space opens out on to a lighter room, replace the solid door with a glass-pan more

How to Light for Drama and Impact: a room by room guide

Fri 02 Aug 2013

The right lighting can totally transform a room, eliminating the need to redecorate or refurnish. Though it works in some cases, the default of a single pendant light in the centre of a ceiling tends to wash out colours and create an oppressive feel. Layered, directional lighting customized to a room's function will instead create a relaxed or focused, invigorating interior.  Check out ou more

3 No-Spend Steps to an Eco-Garden

Fri 26 Jul 2013

Summer has finally arrived and if the experts are to be believed, we are in for a long hot one. Get a head start in transforming your garden into an eco-chic haven with these 3 top tips that don't cost a penny. 1. Grow plants in re-used containers Jars, tyres, tins can, colanders, bike helmets and even corks can be re-used to make affordable planters. As long as the vessel is deep enough, more

Making Your Home Safe for Baby- In Style

Fri 19 Jul 2013

It's that time. That time that seemed so far away six months ago. Your baby is on the move and your house is like an assault course of child-sized dangers. Suddenly your baby is crawling and your list of things to baby-proof is getting ever larger. And all this bulky plastic is putting a bit of a downer on your carefully though-out interior design.  Never fear, as some clever designers more

How to Freshen Up a Room in Under an Hour

Fri 12 Jul 2013

If you've recently given one room a full overhaul, every other room in the house looks drab by comparison. But you can't give every room a total makeover. And you don't have to. Here are some ideas that will freshen up your interiors without breaking the bank. Let your light shine: All rights reserved by stil novo design A floor lamp completely changes the atmosphere of a room. Yo more

Theme your bathroom, and relax!

Fri 28 Jun 2013

Don't let this room go to waste! There are many simple ways to theme a bathroom that can make it a relaxing, fun, and creative space within your home.  Here are some top ways to put your own stylish stamp on your bathroom and make it a haven for relaxation. Modern and vintage romantic A bathroom with a romantic feel becomes a place where you will look forward to spending an extra fi more