Best Bars of Forest Hill

There is a lot to like about Forest Hill. Many people praise the area for being well connected, making it the perfect location for people who like to commute. However, you also want to find a place where you can relax, socialise and spend your spare time in comfort. A strong reason why so many people like Forest Hill is because they know they can go out close to home.
Knowing you can walk home at the end of the night is a great feeling, and it makes life much more affordable. If you have just bought a home, the chances are you don’t have a lot of money to spend on luxuries or entertainment. Therefore, your idea of a good night out is more likely to be local and more cost-effective. In these circumstances, knowing there is an excellent local pub or two helps you make the most of life, and this is what Forest Hill has to offer.

You will also find that the availability of local bars and pubs matter when it comes to the property market.

A survey undertaken in 2015 suggests a third of buyers have a look to see if there is an excellent pub close to the home before making an offer. There is no denying that for many people, being located to a well-rated pub is a positive point.

Of course, there will be other people who would prefer to live as far away from a pub as possible, so there is no hard and fast rule regarding this matter. However, there is enough to suggest being located in an area where there are popular pubs is a good thing for property values.

The table below looks at the average price paid in past 12 months, according to Zoopla, for houses in Forest Hill, Lewisham Borough and London.

It may not be related to the pub itself, and it is far more likely to be linked to the community spirit, and the range of facilities and amenities in the local area. However, knowing there is an excellent selection of amenities, including local bars, is always a welcoming issue for prospective home buyers.

The Dartmouth Arms has a sense of history

There are many things to look out for in a pub, but a lot of people love to find a pub with a sense of history, tradition and character. You would argue The Dartmouth Arms has all of this in abundance, and it is one of the oldest pubs in the local area.

A refurbishment in 2004 has moved the pub on slightly from how it was, and like many bars, it is now positioning itself in the gastropub section of the market. However, if you are looking for an evening filled with quality food and drink in equal measure, this is going to be a bar that doesn’t let you down.

There is also the fact The Dartmouth Arms is right next to Forest Hill Station, so it is easy to find. Also, if you are moving on somewhere else, the convenience of the location means there is always a reason to pop into the pub.

The Sylvan Post is excellent for last orders

Quite often there are complaints when a post office is removed from a local community. Post offices are at the hub of local life, but so are pubs, and Sylvan Post has positioned itself as a vibrant part of life in Forest Hill. This pub is also located on Dartmouth Road and is a short distance from the train station.

The décor of the bar owes a lot to the 1960s post offices of the UK, so it is likely to be a trip down memory lane for many people. However, the bar doesn’t solely focus on nostalgia, and there are many modern twists and benefits that ensure this is a pub which is ideally suited for the contemporary consumer. The line-up of the bottled beer remains fresh, updating regularly, and the dynamic spirits and wine list should ensure there is something for everyone.

There is a popular quiz on Tuesday nights, there are board games to choose from, and the kitchen provides a wide selection of British pub meals and snacks. This is a bar where you can relax and let the world pass you by, and it is easy to see why it is so prevalent in the local area.

The table below looks at the average price paid in past 12 months for flats, according to Zoopla, for houses in Forest Hill, Lewisham Borough and London.



The Capitol on London Road provides a reliable service

The Capitol on London Road is a Wetherspoons pub, and as such, you probably already have an opinion on it, even if you haven’t set foot inside the building. Like many Wetherspoons bars, this is a former cinema hall which has been converted, and you know what you are going to get from this style of pub.

It may not be for you, or it might be the fulcrum of your social life out and about in Forest Hill. There are many great bars in the local area, and going by how many people use the pub, it is well-liked. The drinks are affordable, there are plenty of food deals, and it is a big enough bar to host a lot of people. This is precisely the sort of pubs that are required for a local area, and Forest Hill is no different.

Other pubs to consider in Forest Hill include:
•    All In One
•    Railway Telegraph
•    The Chandos
•    Honor Oak

There is no shortage of great bars in Forest Hill, so no matter what you are looking for, there should be something of interest for you.

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